Case Study 1 : Strategy & Advice


Tom, a fresh MBA works for a company as a trainee. Tom is currently involved in an interesting assignment in which he has to give a brief research report to an American client on the state of public transport in Dublin, Ireland. The American client happens to be from a different domain and is working for Design Firm. There’s a possibility that the Client might send Tom’s report to his own clients who infact’re people from the Transport Industry.

Tom’s client as a designer seeks interest in the report from design aspect also. Structure, size and shape of buses etc. form the key components of the design aspects.

Tom is a part of three member team including Sara and Jack. Since the final output to client has to be sent as a report Tom understands the roles of Sara and Jack both of whom are graphics designers. Tom knows that the report to the client would lack real punch without inputs and assistance from the graphics guys. Infact the job won’t be even half done.

Current Situation & Problem

The assignment duration is of two weeks and during these two weeks Tom and his team have to understand and analyze the problem,do some level of research, collect the data and support it by pictures. While Tom is aware that two weeks are just not good enough this particular report. He feels that he can do more justice to this report.

“Tom is thinking to prepare and give a report which has only the top level preliminary details on the transport sector ” The question is this the right approach ?

Despite being aware of the urgency of the situation, should he request the client to stretch the duration by sometime?

Tom is also in a fix with regards to his target audience for this report. “Should he direct the recommendations in this report towards his first client who happens to be from the Design domain or should he divert his attention towards the potential end-receiver with whom he can easily connect this report or his recommendations should be a mix of both ?” As a Business Guy should Tom also consider giving an insight on some of the design aspects.


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