How far can you go at the age of 17..

If you happen to be a youngster reading this I bet you’d end being jealous by the time you’re finished.

Here’s the reason why I & several others think so..

Teenagers like “Taylor Marek” are making it big in the world of Podcasting. Taylor Marek,Taylormarek (yup he’s only 17) runs a 3-in-1 podcast which demystifies the concepts of Finance, Business & Technology.

Well, I just spoke to this guy yesterday as I was trying to rectify a problem on my blog and all I can say is that this whizkid was there out of his way and trying to assist me.

(If you think he is a Techgeek.. then sorry that’s not true, coz there’s more to Taylor than technology.)

Marek’s podcasts are growing in popularity in terms of listeners and there’s some real quality component in his podcasts.

He might be young but let me tell you onething, when it comes to speaking about his passionate topics he’s a real professional. Not just that, Taylor loves giving advice  to anyone and everyone.

There’s a lot to talk about Taylor, but I won’t like you to waste too much of your time.. So it’s time for you to head to

If you’ve a problem or a question in Finance, Business or Technology TaylorMarek is there for you.


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2 responses to “How far can you go at the age of 17..

  1. ravimevcha

    thats really cool…
    all new generation of entrepreneur growing up.

    recently I came across same article tht speak abt young entrepreneur of US… ya.. they all are 17-18yr old only..

    read article on Rediff News..

  2. Cool, I’ll check it out

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