Rajesh Barnwal’s Alootechie creating online waves!!

Fortunately/unfortunately I stumbled on a website called Alootechie nopes its not Rajesh Barnwal (Alootikki) Aloo + Tikki as explained here by rajconteur clearly.

I could see a picture of a bespectacled man towards the right of my browser’s page, when the website Alootechie had finished loading on my browser. According to Raj’s blog ( he has stopped* posting there!!) Alootechie is a new age website, which aims to cover IT news that interests and matters to a layman.

Well from my understanding, Aloo Techie is more than just an average newsletter that covers “Whatever matters in the online industry.”

From the look and feel Alootechie is like a typical newspaper( except for the fact it is online!!.) Yeah, there is one GIF image which highlights the jobs section of the portal. ( Off-course Rajesh Barnwal is there in the GIF). From a reader’s perspective I like Alootechie simply because of the quality content of news. “No crap all gyaan” that’s what Alootechie means to geeks, students & online junta. Most recently I’ve skipped reading tech. news in papers b’coz I know Alootechie is going to cover that.

Alootechie’s Subscription methods

a.) Via RSS Feeds

b.) Via email

As always you can visit the website http://www.alootechie.com.

The search functionality of the website can be improved, since it is a content-focused site. M/S error towards the bottom-right of the screen is one of the blemishes on the website.

My feedback

I think the website doesn’t have a revenue model right now. I believe “advertisements” would form the chunk of revenue, whenever money starts coming no. No predictions on the exit strategy though ( sify.com/indiatimes.com buy out ?)

Overall, a good website!!



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5 responses to “Rajesh Barnwal’s Alootechie creating online waves!!

  1. Hi Daksh,
    Hope you are fine.
    Thought I should let you know of a new feature:
    We have started sending news updates from AlooTechie on SMS.
    To subscribe you may send an SMS with the message ‘ON ALOOTECHIE’ to 09870807070
    Also, you can find my personal blog at rajeshbarnwal.net. This WordPress hosted blog contains all the content of my old blogs.

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  3. Hi Rajesh !

    Glad to hear from you. Thanks for AlooTechie, I hope its penetration keeps growing on.

    Keep visiting,

  4. Hi,
    The biggest compliment that I have come across for my little efforts at AlooTechie is your revelation: “Most recently I’ve skipped reading tech. news in papers b’coz I know Alootechie is going to cover that.”
    Hope the newspapers don’t read what you have written, unless they are on an acquisition spree 😉
    Thanks a lot

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