VOIP Guides : Making it Big in the world of VOIP

VOIP Guides

VOIP Guides @ Blogspot has emerged as a powerful and an immensely popular blog inthe world of VOICE & supporting technologies. Brainchild of an Indian based out of Singapore, this blog provides quality content to its visitors from across the globe.

Started off as an experiment by Vinay in December 2006, VOIP blog is now turning out to be a life saver for people who end up shelling out large bucks on long distance calls. The key feature of this blog is that it primarily focusses on softwares which enable users to call world-wide for free. Typically there are softwares which provide paid free minutes to call cellphones, landlines, provide you geographic incoming number etc. The software description is very well supported by a demo (graphics + content) making it easier for users to understand how to use the application.

The blog’s quality content and strong focus take VOIP Guides way beyond the many blogs who’re based on this subject.

Blog traffic on VOIP Guides has multiplied during the last 6 months or so (post December 2006). Judging by its viral popularity VOIP could actually become a techie’s staple diet in the coming months (for conference calling needs etc.).

I had an opportunity to speak to Vinay from VOIP Guides and I heard from him his thoughts on this blog, future plans and much more. By tonight, I would be able to post the link to my audio conversation with Vinay.

Keep watching this space.

To know more about VOIP Guides visit http://voipguides.blogspot.com


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