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For organizations blog is a really cool tool for marketing, for talking about the organization (culture, philosophy etc.), for talking themarketingblog about products/services or for conveying a message to stakeholders.

In the US Corporate blogging has caught up big time. Executives, Managers, Associates, Directors & even the CEOs are blogging.

Why are CEO’s blogging ? What impact would CEO blogs have ? These questions made me google my way to debbieweil’s blog at blogwriteforceos. Debbieweil is the author of the Corporate blogging book.You can check out her blog for some cool posts on Corporate blogging, blogging by CEO’s etc. There are some interesting pdfs available for download at her website.

Debbi had recently interviewed Russell Stalters for his views on blogging.

“Excerpts from Debbi’s post”

According to Russel Stalters some of the tangible benefits of blogging are

1. Lead generation for his company, Applied Information Sciences.
2. Name recognition for him (he gets invited to speak at events like Gilbane’s content conferences).
3. He meets interesting people (they leave comments on his blog or he discovers them on other blogs).
4. Writing the blog helps him gather and articulate his thoughts (he’s been working on one blog entry for several months – it will be a definitive statement on where ECM is headed).

In simple words blogging helps in social networking & provides visibility to the company, it is a vital source for obtaining feedback from stakeholders (customers& employees or even competitors for that matter), it also underlines CEO’s thought process, for start-ups & new businesses (clarification of thoughts help in brand development & differentiation).

Indian CEO’s haven’t been really active in the blogging world and to a large extent are yet to understand the exact set of benefits which blogs offer. Interestingly many CEOs are interested to blog and use them as a medium for expression but are pulled back by the time constraints. Out of enthusiasm some have started their blogs, but haven’t updated them for quite sometime.

Ventureintelligence, a blog on entrepreneurship, business & venture capital by Arun Natrajan Founder & CEO is relatively popular and has been there for the last 4 years. Many start-ups and web-based companies understand the value blogs provides and have been using them effectively. Webchutney’s Siddharth Rao, Picsquare’s Manish Aggrawal & Kartik Jain are few examples.

” Blogs are not to make money per se ” – Russell Stalters


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5 responses to “CEO Blogs

  1. jaseit

    Our CEO blogs actively:
    Keith Parnell
    CEO, JASE Group

  2. Deepak – Thanks for your kind comment 🙂 I’d try to link it up

    Ravi keep visiting 🙂

  3. recently I came to knw abt Indian CEO blogger.
    Sanjeev Bikhchandani, CEO of started blogging at and ajit balakrishnan, CEO of blogs at

  4. hey daksh and shweta

    nice article. i would like to add a statement that a CEO as a blogger has to get it absolutely spot on in every article. every word that he writes will be scrutinised for meanings from every possible angle. what could he possibly cover with such a constraint? I’ll try to cover that in one of my blogs… Link it up if possible..

    Cheers, keep writing till then

  5. very few CEO blogs regularly.. one of them is CEO of Sun Microsystem – Jonathan Schwartz. He blogs @

    another is Padmasree Warrior (CTO of Motorola). her blog address is

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