xFRUITS : Redefining RSS

RSS has penetrated our lives and geeks/wizards cannot actually imagine life without it. Enter xFRUITS which is changing the way people handle RSS Feeds. xFRUITS allows you to play with RSS as much as you want as long 🙂

xFRUITS offers its users 10 powerful functions ranging from converting RSS feeds to mobile/pdf to RSS aggregator utility. Another Ultracool feature that xFRUITS offers is conversion of feeds to voice. Each item of the feed is converted into feed by VoiceFruits service.

  • xFRUITS has got a really cool interface and blend of green & orange (feed buttons)
  • Its web-based and doesn’t required an installation.
  • It allows users to convert RSS Feeds to PDF which make offline reading and distribution easier. (I’ve converted on PDF)
  • xFRUITS allows you to network with other xFRUITS users thereby making collaboration faster and also allowing users to read feeds of other users.

RSS Audio Link

RSS pdf link

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