During last week’s Mobile Monday , there was a live demonstration of a new mapping portal called RouteGuru , by Avinash Agrawal, CEO – RouteGuru. Here’s a brief analysis of RouteGuru ,though it would be sometime before I can get deeper into this.

How it works & what it offers ??

* Lets say you want to travel from Sadiq Nagar ( Delhi) to Noida Toll Bridge and are not sure about which route to take lanmarks etc. , all you’ve to do is logon to enter the “Source” and “Destination” places and Click on “Get Direction” and the search result displays the route betweeen these 2 places. Simple isn’t it ? No more headaches searching for places or landmarks.

* currently provides Geographical information of places across Delhi & NCR.

* You can either take the printout or get the route through SMS. So if your friend is lost between two places you can send him an SMS through The SMS delivery took 10-30 seconds in my case.

Finding Route A sample route search between Sadiq Nagar and Okhla Sabzi Mandi has multiple route descriptions like turn left, turn right etc. a.) These route descriptions make the route quite confusing. b.) One is not sure whether its the first left turn or the second right turn. c.)How creditable are the landmarks ?

At Distance Action Action Description Proceed
0.0 km Come towards OVERHEAD TANK in/near SADIQ NAGAR Go 0 km
0.0 km Start with OVERHEAD TANK on your right side Go 0.1 km
0.1 km Pass by OVERHEAD TANK on right Go 0 k

For the first 1 kilometre there are 10 action description and for the next 4 kilometres there are only 8 action descriptions.

> No uniformity in action descriptions. > Within the first 100 metres there are 3 action descriptions, I don’t see any value there.


* Are the landmarks used by Routeguru good enough (to be used as landmarks)?
* An integration with Google maps is possible? ( Map links of all the places present in the route)
* Alternate /short routes?

Though early days (routeguru alpha), RouteGuru definitely has an interesting concept and could make it big. Check out RouteGuru right now.



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  2.’s done it once again! Amazing post.

  3. Wow I’m really the only comment to this incredible post?!?

  4. puneet, navin, manuscrypts, pranav thank you all for dropping by 🙂

  5. PG

    I think this coverage has most number of feedbacks and very genuine concerns.

    Navin – The wiki-route may soon be possible, however the major concern is to enhance the functionality even better.

  6. Would it be possible to open up routeguru so that any user could update the route directions….taking the wiki route??

    -Navin – India’s first online marketplace for students

  7. interesting, this is a similar exercise – but only for us bangaloreans 🙂

  8. Pranav

    Hmm… something which can be intersting,
    > routeguru is currently providing routemaps for travel between one city only, that is “strat point” and “destination” should be in the same city.
    ! But it would be really intersting if they proviode maps for inter-state routes.

  9. schwetak: Thanks for dropping by and encouraging us.

    Yes .. this is a very interesting problem, and there ‘are’ similar cases in Delhi.

    We do have some thoughts on it .. including creating user-profiles for advanced usage.

    Stay tuned as we convert thoughts to solution(s). 🙂



  10. no doubt will be the popular website in India.
    Coming to the Quality of landmark, here there can be some confusion. Names for few landmarks are know to people of our parents age where as we youngester know landmarks by the names of the new shopping malls, multiplexes which may not be known to the older people. Jus to give an example – I received my passport having the address of the Pune Passport Office, this address has a name called “Bhamburde” which is presently the Shivaji Nagar area of Pune. Upon enquiring, my Dad told me that this area Bhamburde was a small, not much developed part of Pune during his times. There are many such landmarks in Pune which have old names not known to youngsters and the new names, which all the elderly people may not be aware of. Now if an elderly person enters the landmark he knows and doesnt find it on Routeguru, whereas may be the same landmark is mentioned with its new name…….what do we do in this case??? There may be some cases like this in Delhi too.After all the information should be available. Since Routeguru will eventually cover most of the cities in India I think this point should be thought over.
    Any thoughts????

  11. Avinash !

    Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate your thought process 🙂

    Anil – Keep visiting.

  12. One correction to my earlier comment:

    We are planning to include a ‘maximum’ frequency of landmarks (not minimum).

    Response to Anil’s Comment:

    No doubt, MapQuest is one of the companies which pioneered the technology of directions in the west. However, sadly, MapQuest-like directions do not work in India and other developing countries.

    RouteGuru’s mandate is to fill this gap.

    We qualify each turn by the presence of a landmark before/after it (depending upon availability of a landmark to do so), inclding which side of road it will fall on.

    This is the way you and I guide our friends / visitors, don’t we?

    In addition, we try and qualify a turn based on which landmarks it leads towards.

    Turns at roundabouts are qualified as “Nth turn at the roundabout”.

    The directions also indicate how many Flyovers the user will climb on before the next turn.

    Now, these are specific features conceived and incorporated ‘for’ Indian terrain, with the goal of providing really ‘usable’ Driving Directions in this part of the world, which, we contest, was not done yet.

    There is, of course, more work to be done. And we stand committed to do so. Please continue sharing your thoughts and suggestions.



  13. Mapquest works exactly like this. It appears a straight lift from Mapquest.

  14. Hey Daksh,

    Thanks for covering us.

    Answers to some of the questions:

    1. Frequency of Landmarks: Landmark density may vary as per base maps… In commercially / institutionally dense areas (markets etc.), the landmark density may be naturally higher. Having said that, we are planning to include a ‘minimum’ frequency of landmarks.

    2. Quality of Landmarks: We are constantly working on choosing better landmarks. Any feedback on usability of current landmarks will be helpful, including specific cases if relevant.

    3. We are working on integrating maps and route maps in the application.

    4. Alternate routes are also being included soon.

    Thanks again for reviewing and providing your feedback.



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