Kool Apps & Services worth a go

Making PC webcams a thing of past


A product from Bangalore based mobile startup “Motvik”, WWIGO stands for “ Webcam wherever I go”. WWIGO allows camera phone to be used as wireless webcam through bluetooth. Currently, it supports only N Series and other Nokia phones. The transmission quality with WWIGO is at par with a home webcam and it can be used with Skype, MSN, Yahoo IM & Video sharing websites. Definitely worth checking out..

Go beyond Google


A search engine with a human touch as it provides the features of collaborative searching. Users have the flexibility to edit the search results and save them according to their preferences. Thus next time users search for similar queries they’d see humanized results…. the advantage being user powered search results.

Personalize your Reading experience

i-Fetch – Information Fetcher

A popular & handy desktop RSS reader by my kool company, you would simply love to have. i-Fetch, a powerful RSS Reader & Aggregator scores over other desktop feed readers as its a free utility and provides offline reading which is missing in online readers . An easy to use compact application well equipped to handle individual’s reading needs effectively.
Download i-Fetch



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3 responses to “Kool Apps & Services worth a go

  1. ramu – thanks for dropping by

    guest- thanks for the info. wud check it out

  2. guestin

    Check out SmartCam, released under GPL is available from https://sourceforge.net/projects/smartcam. Currently tested on Nokia 6600, the project can grow to support Series 60 3rd edition phones.

  3. Thanks for covering Motivk WWIGO.

    We had wonderful response for WWIGO.

    If you have any queries/issues/comments regarding WWIGO join us at WWIGO forum http://www.motvik.com/forum/index.php

    Post your reviews about wwigo at


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