Understand what your customer wants

The other day I had an interesting discussion with a buddy on .. the saying “Content is the king”. Excerpts.. from that interesting conversation !!

The easiest way to connect with your target audience is by speaking their language. The problem with a lot of marketers is that in-order to differentiate their brand they use words which customers don’t understand. They tend to use too flashy and cosmetic content which generally creates a problem for an average customer as it’s something difficult to connect with. At the end of the day you might earn the reputation of being “amazingly different” but does that help you to win your customer’s heart? big billboard near kremlin source flickr username uriba

A possible solution to this problem is the concept borrowed from Software Engineering “KISS” works well with marketing too. You have to keep it simple and straight, so that your customers can relate with what you’re talking about.

However, its vital to draw the thin-line between simplicity and differentiation. If you’re just one of those many body-shops doing exactly what everybody else is doing then you perhaps you won’t get any takers.

Confused ? Can’t be different ? Can’t be too simple? What’s the mantra then ? Follow the good old man’s thought “So simple yet so different”

More thoughts on this are welcome!!


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7 responses to “Understand what your customer wants

  1. Becky- Yes, Customizeyour language depending on ur customer’s needs but.. first understand your customer šŸ™‚

  2. Keep it simple is a great mantra, Daksh! I think the key is using the language the customer can understand. If the product/service is more technical, perhaps simple is not going to give them the information they need. It depends on the customer and their needs. It can be done if one truly understands one’s customer!

  3. ‘Keep It Simple in Style’.

  4. David

    True words. Anyway, to use a fancy style and content is a try to strike. But the right balance is needed. Simpleness meets uniqueness.

  5. lol interesting !! though i’m still thinking šŸ™‚

  6. Lol – that’s what WE do for a living – keep it simple, but make it differentiated and powerful. Can’t be done? Ask me how! We charge fees for it though! šŸ™‚

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