Interesting Facts : Helpful for Online Marketers

Last week I was lucky enough (my 128kbps Sify broadband connection is at the mercy of rain gods) to attend a couple of webinar presentations at Marketing Profs B-to-B Flick Photo Credits dannysullivan Marketing Conference.

The presentation was given by Benjamin Chung & Mark Martel , Marketing Managers at Google Inc.

The information session was an overview of media and advertising trends. Benjamin used case studies of effective b-to-b marketers to discuss Google’s role in information ecosystem and its implications on b to b marketing.

Some interesting statistics highlighted (just in case you didn’t know) during the presenation were :

  • Internet accounts for 25% of media consumption for B-to-B customers with TV being the highest at 38%
  • 37% of marketing budget is allocated for “online spending” by B-to-B advertisers
  • Out of this budget “search” accounts for 15% of the marketing budget
  • “Adsense” forms the chunk of Google’s revenue and has a share of 99%

A couple of other interesting facts

  • Google has a share of 36.8% in worldwide daily search queries
  • 90% of traffic to a website comes through “organic search”
  • The rest of 10% comes from “PPC campaigns”


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3 responses to “Interesting Facts : Helpful for Online Marketers

  1. Seoexp

    It’s such a helpful post for me! Thanks a lot for sharing this.

    Interesting Facts

  2. wow great facts
    i love google
    thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks for the facts.

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