Spiritual Marketing: Creating wealth Inside out

“Spiritual Marketing”, that’s the title of the book written by Joe Vitale. Although, as a tech-mba I’ve never studied marketing, I most certainly think that an average marketer should try to connect with the thoughts expressed in this book.

The foreword of the book highlights the trio of paradigms that have the
power to paralyze people. They are doubt, fear and anxiety. Doubt leads you to fear which is the cause for anxiety. These factors are critical not just for an individual but also for that “simple marketer” out there.

Why should marketers/enterprise watch out for these three –

Doubt– Is that small element which always resides in your mind leading you
to unsurity. For e.g. You’re unsure about the single most important thing for
your product/service i.e. your goal.What exactly do you want achieve from it.

Fear– There’s always a fear in your mind that your competitor would step faster than you. Fear can create unhealthy competition and that’s when you tend to grow wrong.

Anxiety– Could be for absolutely anything e.g. performance anxiety,as a sales guy it could the anxiety of talking to people, anxiety of achieving quaretly results.

Sometimes the above factors create a positive frame of mind, but only sometimes. More often than not they tend to paralyze you.

So, where does “Spiritual marketing” come over here? Well to be honest it doesn’t really come anywhere. Its always easy to take the conventional path, but in-order to be different, enterprises should negate these factors and do things write from heart and generate positive energy from it. A positive energy which ultimately helps you to win more customers.

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2 responses to “Spiritual Marketing: Creating wealth Inside out

  1. To learn more about the importance of spiritual marketing. You have to read this book called Driving to Success: Let Your Spirit Take the Wheel. You can learn more about it here: http://www.spiritdriving.com/books. It will be published in May. Feel free to contact Leila if you might be interested in reviewing it for your blog.

  2. David

    What you wrote about “fear” fits absolutely to me – sadly.

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