I am sorry for the inconvenience Sir !!

“Hye, could you just help me out?”, I asked the busy shopkeeper.

“Yes sure , tell me what is it that you want?”, he asked.

“Um.. I want to buy a sim card for my college going cousin sister.”

“Yes, you can go for the post-paid connection of Hutch. It provides good connectivity and best-of-all offers real value for money to students.”

“But, I heard otherwise.”

“Ahaan.. what did you hear and from whom?”

“Well, I heard from some opinion leaders and their feedback was negative. They told me that they’ve faced a couple of problems on few occassions.”

“Forget those guys! trust me sir, this is good.”

“I thought for a second and eventually settled for the deal as I was tired and not really keen to do much of research.”

Two weeks later, my sister started facing some connectivity problems. I advised her to speak to the customer-care guys to resolve the issue. The problem was solved though she had to waste some bit of her time. After a couple of days, the same problem occcured but was solved due to some painstaking efforts from ourside.

This was just the beginning of her misery, to add on to connectivity issues, her latest bills included charges from the past months even though the due payments had been made. The final nail in the coffin came via sim-card problems. Repeated requests were made to the customer-care deptt. to replace the card. Eventually, after about one month of repeated calling the dead phone came alive.

The next instant, there was a call from the customer-care center. The question from them was not about the card but instead to enquire whether my sister had received the bill.

The next day, the poor customer got the bill with misc. charges of Rs. 100 being levied for the card. The customer’s fault she had asked to replace her faulty sim-card.

Like an irate customer, I shouted at the customer care guy and asked him,” Is this what you call quality service at Hutch?”

The listless customer care executive said, “I am sorry for the inconvenience Sir !!”

At the top of my voice I shouted, ” Can you simply take this damn card from us ?”

“I am sorry for the inconvenience Sir !!”, the executive said.

Not ready to listen to him I yelled again, “Give me the number of your manager.”

Like an automated voice he said, “I am sorry for the inconvenience Sir !!”

“Huh, I am asking you something and you’re going on saying the samething again and again.”

“I am sorry for the inconvenience Sir !!”

Forget, the dreadful quality of card, my concern is with the quality of customer executives. Are they automated human robots? Can’t they be trained beyond a certain point” Is this what you call customer service at its very best?

If not, there are some lessons for Hutch to learn. Don’t charge your customer for replacement of a faulty product. The problem is with your product, why are you charging your customers for that?

(Image source: techtree/hutch)


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10 responses to “I am sorry for the inconvenience Sir !!

  1. Ashwani

    Bos it is only a way tp promote your businious

    him and himself only annd only promotations things????????????

  2. Sanjay Goswami

    Complaint against Airtel Prepaid Fraud Charges

    Dear Sir,

    Rs. 304.28 have been charged or say looted by Airtel from my account on 20/05/2008, and when I complained to Airtel call centre they replied that I have downloaded some games from “AIRTEL LIVE”.

    I had not used any service nor I used Airtel Live, (also I don’t have any GPRS service activated).

    Now I feel cheated and fooled as I cannot do anything and even when I know that I am true and right.

    I am not getting any proper response or reply from any of Customer Service centres.

    Now I am planning to stop using Airtel Prepaid services and switchover to some other Mobile Operator.

    Sanjay Goswami

  3. Anaggh – Customers end up paying charges for services that they never use.

  4. Same story at Hutch! After 6 months suddenly they start charging CLI (caller line identification) & the response is I am sorry for the inconvenience – but you can bugger off.

  5. In early 2003, I faced problem like this with my IDEA sim card.
    Getting a bill for not using phone, where other charges rates were mention and phonae calls rates were hardly any.
    And charging for money to change the SIM card.
    And then coming to my home!

    It was finally sorted out by sending a legal note!

    Now a days the survey by other service provider for your current service provider to know, ‘are you getting good facility?’
    Like Hutch guys calls Airtel customers.

  6. Well i has both airtel & hutch sim cards. the service of hutch is more than pethetic. if u want to torture someone, give him a hutch. after uncountable problems & when all dams of my patience were shattered by customer care representatives, i returned bk the sim with all possible abusing words i have ever known to exist in hindi+punjabi+kannada+english. & now am happy with my airtel sim

  7. Sachin Shrivastava

    Very true dude…

    Currently I am facing the same problem with my Airtel. after repeatedly try calling them, & telling that I am getting my calls droped. The customer care executive replied back “Sorry for the inconvenience Sir” This is ur complaint number, our executive will get back to you in 24 hrs..

    For what they are doing there…

  8. The only difference with hutch is that they give you the assurance of solving the problem within 2 hours 🙂

  9. sandeep

    You said it my friend !! I face the same problem with airtel almost every month. The guys at the customer care are so dumb, I have lost all my hair pulling one bunch everytime i talk to them.
    One of the other automated replies is – “I have posted your complaint to my seniors and to concerned department. I assure you the problem will be solved in 4 hours”. For every problem in the world they have a 4 hour solution !!!

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