And you thought you didn’t know Web two dot ooh!!

1000 different minds talking 1000 different things about Web 2.0. And these guys are just one of them

Following is a transcript of conversation between two desi nerds – “I” & “He” – who talk about a revolutionary concept that is redefining the way people use internet.

I: “How often you use “LinkedIn, Google Docs, Flickr, YouTube, Orkut and other such web-applications?”

He: “Um… not much except LinkedIn! Primarily for business networking. And what do you mean by other such web-applications?”

I: “Well actually, the services I mentioned above are typical examples of a revolutionary concept which has changed the way people use internet.”

He: “Really? And what the heck is this concept?”

I: “In simple words this term called as “Web2.0” means something kind of new is happening on the Internet. It involves ‘people creating’ and ‘sharing’ stuff online. It’s a trend, a phenomenon which enables faster collaboration and networking between business and technology users and everyone using internet”. “You said, you’re not aware of Web2.0, but everyday you do use it for e.g. LinkedIn.”

He: “Interesting man! This means I actually use services essentially centered on Web2.0.”

I: “Yeah! Pretty much, and you thought you didn’t know Web two dot ooh!! Now that you know something about it let’s try to take it to the next level.”

He: “Next level!!! Oh… that’s too fast!!! Explain me something which should make things more clearer.”

I: “Ok, lets try, you see many innovations like RSS, Content management systems (Wikis), Web-based applications (browser-based operating systems, online desktops), Rich internet applications (Ajax, Adobe Flash and Flex), Web protocols (REST, SOAP) are associated with Web2.0. Lets consider Wikipedia, a content management system built on Wikis, a collaborative encyclopedia project that has more than 75,000 active contributors working on more than 5,300,000 articles in over 100 languages.”

He: “Phew… huge numbers.”

I: “Yeah that’s right but it is a perfect example of ‘people creating’ and ‘sharing’ stuff online.”

He: “Ok, now I think we should take this to the next level, so what do you think could be the enterprise benefits of Web 2.0.”

I: “Exactly that’s my point, we are now going to try and focus towards the two-fold benefits of Web2.0 for business & technology users. Lets get deeper into this next time”

He: “Sure buddy catch up with you later”

PS: Read this in-case you’re curious to know about I and he. “He” is Pranav ( Java techie + Guitarist) the devil in the pic above and “I” is the author of this blog.


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3 responses to “And you thought you didn’t know Web two dot ooh!!

  1. Got to see this article on Web 2.0 & thought of penning down some thoughts on my mind.

    I personally think that Web 2.0 has tremendous potential in India. This statement is not a over-dose of boasting as i strongly believe that there a lot of potential in making our systems go web.

    Be it anything from jobs to house search everything is easy when you have internet. In fact, i got across which seems to be doing the job really well. I am pretty confident that WEb 2.0 will make its mark in India.

  2. Mita – Thanks ! your motivation is much appreciated 🙂

  3. Hey Daksh!

    Good writing style, This way its easier to understand the buzz word “WEB 2.0″… Keep it up!!! I would definately like to read more.

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