What next ?

My friend called me up last night to inform me that his small software company had hired a new marketing consultant, an “out of the outter box” marketing thinker.

First meeting results
After taking a quick look at the product and the website the consultant came up with a suggestion:

“Blog, blog & blog” – The first idea floated by the creative consultant. In response to common questions the consultant said blogging is the latest trend, blogging is growing, companies are engaging with customers, with potential employees and this gives them ability to maintain strong relationships with their stakeholders. Blogs allow people to participate in a conversation and make it more interesting.

“Inshort, consultant gave his best shot to educate the client about the benefits of blogging”

One brain questioned the consultant – Let’s assume we start blogging and so does every-body else who belongs to our category. Let’s also assume we embrace other social media concepts. Let’s say these blogs start getting good response from the community (2-3 comments per post), many page views, google pagerank, technoratis, diggs and everything else you can possibly think of.

We’ve have joined the Web2.0 bandwagon like everyone else and now we understand what exactly our customer thinks but so do others. So what next?

What next after this?



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4 responses to “What next ?

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  2. “Blogs are only one channel of interaction with customers”, wonderful quote.
    Thanks for your kind thoughts, Becky !

  3. Daksh, thank you for the thought-provoking post. What next, you ask? Well, you may think you understand the customer and what they think, but blogs are only one channel of interaction with customers. The customer-focused firm uses each place where they are in contact with the customer (or vice versa) and learns something else about them. The firm then differentiates itself by taking specific action based on what has been learned.

    The interactions you have on your blog can indeed be seen by others, and they are great to have! The other customer interactions are between you and your customer only, and this is where you can complete the dialogue and “wow” the customer.

    Keep it up, Daksh!

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