Software marketer’s tale

Boss– Sales of 1 million dollar for product X that’s your target for the next two months.
Marketer– Wooh sir, I had to sweat it out to achieve the previous target of .6 million dollar.
Boss– Good job, you’ve been doing well to push the product for the sales for the last year.
Marketer– But sir, 1 million dollars would take some beating.
Boss– Really? its upto you dear marketer, a test of your skill.

Marketer tried out quite a few things last time. Marketer prays to god to pour some money for product marketing budget or else do some magic to revamp the product to bring it at par with existing softwares in the category.We seriously need to do something with our product, it just doesn’t fire any more. It’s because it’s not been re-packaged as time has passed by.Otherwise around it is a decent application. Everybody else has moved ahead – more fast, flexible and feature-rich.

Boss’s take : Quite right we doubt whether this product would turn into a revenue grosser now and I think at this stage we’re quite keen to make a push & get feedback.

Marketer goes all over again. Applies re-effort, word-of-mouth campaigns, blogs about it does every-thing he can possibly do to achieve the target. Alas, the poor marketer falls short of the target by about .3 million dollars.And marketer thought he had segmented the market, communicated the message,positioned the product and had done a fair bit.

Marketer wonders whether he is not doing his job perfectly. Marketer wonders whether there is scope for improvement. He turns to his old friend for much-needed assitance. His friend suggests him that there is scope for improvement but not in his strategies but instead the product itself. It is because the product just doesn’t have a single differentiating feature. That is the reason why product has failed to create fire in customer’s belly.

( Image source: Austinchronicle)


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