CEO speaks

I recently had the opportunity to speak with CEO & co-founder, Mukesh Bansal. So here is his journey in his own words…………..

I worked for a consulting company, Deloitte consulting and I worked for them for 2 years. Then for the last 8 years I worked for 4 different start-ups in Bay area, California all early stage companies, couple of enterprise software companies and couple of e-commerce companies.I’d been looking at the whole environment in India, whole landscape was changing the economy was doing so well and opportunities arising.

I needed to do something and I got convinced that India was the right place to do it. I realized that e-commerce was going to be pretty significant in India for the next 4-5 years. Basically, you know based on lot of facts, lot of data I live to the whole dot com boom in Bay area then I came to know about Cafepress which has got a similar business in US. I got convinced that there is a decent potential for it in India and that non-else is doing it. Last september I started collecting a lot of data and facts and figures.

So that’s where the early seeds of the business came from.                                     Over the last few months I started doing some market research, I started working on this in August-September and moved to India full time in November.

People started joining steadily and we’ve grown to a team of 15 today. We’ve a development of about 4 people team. The marketing team looks after website content, we’ve our own operations for some of the products we do production in-house and for some we outsource.

The concept of Myntra
Anyone is looking for a unique gift, they have a great idea and they want to do something on their own they can come to Myntra website and based on our library of designs they can find something interesting or they can use our online tools to create an interesting design. In a nutshell, myntra should help anyone who is looking to have a unique product.

We are investing most of our effort in building a good robust search.

Restriction – Specific categories for mugs and t-shirt
It is a limitation, it is in the road-map we’re looking at a guideline to counter this. We are trying to come up with a strategy where we would let the designer have the flexibility of selecting his design for mug, t-shirt or anyother product.

Similar services
Only 1 service Dilsebol appears similar which has the concept to publish the design.

The concept of i.e. designs are uploaded by users as well as team. works for designer
For each instance of a sale of a designer’s design he earns 10% of sale.

Future activities & marketing strategy
We’re planning a series of big activities during the month of September probably during the first couple message. Future marketing strategy would revolve around colleges, conducting design contests in design schools. Primarily marketing is offline and there hasn’t been much of focus on online campaigns. Also Myntra is in the process of establishing affiliates.

Myntra’s Core message “Myntra is a place to find unique design and gifts”


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44 responses to “ CEO speaks

  1. Amit Sharma

    Worst ever customer services, they have evolved method to harassment to customers. after 10 emails and 6 calls , till date no resolution provided. Wrote to CEO now, lets see , is he different than its employees or culture of po
    or services lead by him.

  2. Shakir Memon

    Shame on Myntra i ordered the product but due to size i requested to exchange the same product with bigger size expected date of delivery was 6th July i had to wear that product on 7th July but your advisor Ashraf never turned up neither he bothered to answer my call i called him more than 7 times everyday since i got his contact details from myntra his borther answered the phone said not available he said he will inform his brother to call me but neither Ashraf called me nor i get any update and the biggest part i called myntra customer care i spoke to shahrukh i explained him the enitre issue i told him i need compensation for all this and i told him i will escalate it on social netowrk he straight away said sir ill transfer your call to my senior supervisor i said ok he kept me on mute for 39 minutes and 30 seconds but no supervisor came neither that agent….shame of you guys i want compensation

    Shakir Memon order id

  3. I have been a very loyal customer to Myntra, but today when I faced the issue, I am not getting any resolution from anywhere. I Tried contacting Customer care they are dam busy. Your new invention of call back Theory they never call and if they did and voice is not clear or anything they are not even bothered to call back to the customer than you have TAT of one hour to do it again, I thought this tat is for your team to turned up but m sorry it is for your customer to wait and relax. What’s wrong with your service standards. You used to show big adds on refund but customer does not get one.

    My issue is I placed an order on 6th Jan and due to wrong address I even cancelled the order after getting no help from your ever busy customer care, till date no update about the refund it was pre-paymnt order. Neither on your website or mail.

    That’s the reason I am tweeting you here, when I am getting such response from customer care.

    My email address is

    Please intervene.

  4. Rinku Das

    Hie, This is rinku , I am a regular buyer from your website.I had ordered one product few days back and the size was too large so I placed an exchange request. so the problem is that wen the delivery boy came from logistic to exchange the product he required some Trio Number which was not mention in the tag and he tried all the numbers but numbers was not matching with this system. so, that delivery boy refused to exchange my product and wen its been 2 to 3 days that my keeping follow up with myntra office for my exchange product, but as there is no sop solution from them and I told them that the product is very urgent for me and I want it before 22nd of September but still there is no solution to it. I kept calling to the delivery boy to re attempt the deliver, but he said that they have not received any mail from myntra to re attempt the delivery, he said they will not deliver me the product unless and until they get any intimation from myntra. I am really stick up now and not getting any resolution from any side. I hope and request you to take a action on this and deliver my product. I seriously promise you that IF I DONT GET MY PRODUCT BEFORE 22ND SEPTEMBER THEN I WILL NEVER BUY A SINGLE PRODUCT FROM YOUR WEBSITE.

  5. Ananth Narayanan

    Ananth Narayanan

  6. Girish

    Worst product quality. You’ll feel like Myntra actually selling used products. Very upset with the clothes quality. I wanted to update the pictures of the product i bought from myntra, but i don’t see any option of uploading option. From that you would have understand how bad & poor quality of service myntra is giving to there customers.

  7. Hardeep

    Pathetic service very bad experiance ……

  8. Rakesh

    Myntra GiftVouchers – A easy way to cheat customers

    I had used Myntra E-Gift vocuher worth Rs. 500/- while trying to place an order of Rs. 1494/- on 07-May-16. The remaining payment was being made through my Mobikwik wallet (Transaction ID CCADE2BVG480).

    The order failed and amount of Rs. 944.84/- was refunded by Mobikwik immediately, but it has been more than 30 DAYS and still Myntra has not refunded Rs. 500/- to GV.

    I had raised multiple complaints on this regard and they keep on saying they will revert back in 48 hours and nothing happens.

    1. Complaint number# 160508-000003
    2. Complaint number# 160526-000496

    I have been shopping on Amazon, Jabong, Flipkart and other online sites since last may years and I would say Myntra has the most pathetic customer service.

    I would never recommend Myntra to any of my friends of relatives as you guys have cheated me of Rs. 500/-.

    I’m filing a complaint in consumer court on this regard and for the compensation for purposefully cheating a customer and not providing refund.

  9. Only for today I will take this product, if any case of reason courier person not deliver the product then next day I will not take product.
    Now in future I am not shopping with Myntra because your behavior for customer is not well.

    Tell me one thing you all are working on organizations and I am also working, every thing is possible if you can do it, if you not do then is nothing and I think this is your responsibility according to customers.

    Same product also available Amazon, for future shopping with Amazon.
    You all are not trustable people.

    You all not know what’s is the meaning of priority, just doing only stupid behavior.

    Your Myntra Order confirmation (117689968).

  10. Nidhi singh

    Hi Mukesh,

    I have not received my money back for Return ID

    1) 11530578

    When I chose the option to refund in my back account they always refund in Myntra account they only send msg but not refund my money back

    I want all my money back in my personal back account not in Myntra account.

    Nidhi singh

  11. Please send me left refund amount of this product 104082750

  12. Rubash sha

    Order no 96473291 which was reached on 08/11/2015 at destination Jaygaon and not at delivered to me till 15/11/2015
    And getting a simple reply from your courier partner that the order was missing
    And your courier partner were updating that No such consigned on given address.
    Very nich service you have and very nice courier partner……
    Please continue this service like my order

  13. Dear sir .

    This is to say that i had purchased one pair of shoe from your site but they delivered me the wrong product .and iam calling again and again to your customer support there is no response from your team and after five days they called up on my number and said that we have provided you a right product .so please check my issue and please resolve my problem .i am so frustrated and if my issue does,nt resolve then this would my last shopping from your site. .My order is id -94596840

    (Saurabh Kumar Lakshar)
    mob nu- 8447778278

  14. Ajander Kumar

    I used to buy Rs. 4000/- every month from Myntra…but since the myntra moves only on mobile …I couldn’t buy anything …so rethink again on your dedcision

    Ajander Kr

  15. Fatema

    I too have experienced the most pathetic services by myntra…I placed an order on 3rd jan and haven’t received till date …I m still getting messages like it will take 4 more days…almost a month to deliver…mr.mukesh online business has gone too far and your company and it customer care has a very laid back attitude…I will never shop again by myntra

  16. ila girdharwal

    exactly same WORST experience with myntra. I am too fed up with the courier services they have tied up. first flight courier here in koppal, karnataka is really getting on my nerves. they dont deliver the product and put the remarks on tracking that the customer refused to accept and they themselves return my shipment, without even a single attempt of delivery. and the worst part is that after registering several complaints and making several calls also, there is no improvement in myntra’s services. I dont understand why on earth they are still open. myntra must get banned.

  17. amol anwekar

    Nice job….

  18. ashok

    I have written email to myntra ceo directly
    They are worst services in world
    I am not sure why you are tied up with such pathetic courier services. This Overnight courier guys not able to deliver the products inside bangalore since I am not sure why your continuing with that services.
    Since they are not able to deliver in Bangalore address means how your business will run ???
    They don’t know Bangalore properly and simply pathetic words like no service ??? no service where in Bangalore city no services????. (I am not in forest)
    I am not sure how to get it the product now . Its really really worst services from the Overnight courier. If they don’t delivers products in Bangalore itself , how come they will do it another cities??
    I am still not understanding how your going survive and show in your hands not in words !! like typical Indian politicians ?? Hello myntra this competition world you need to wake up very fast.

    • govinda


      Everyone here is advising same thing that their experience with myntra was really dismal. Even my case is not different. I bought Puma shoes from myntra , unfortunately it was not fit to me then I informed them , they told me that it will be replaced in 2 days, now its more than 15 days there is no clue where the shipment is . I call them daily and they always say that it will be delivered by end of the day today….. but nothing happens. now it seems that my money is gone.

    • Indrajit Roy

      Pathetic courier service and even Mynta cheats. They deliver goods to a certain address and when it come to pick up, they deny. They are not transparent. Please don’t buy products from Myntra. Instead go for Jabong, Flipkart, Snapdeal. They have real easy return policies and actually attend customers. Myntra director lais down the principle of carrying business unethically and cheating customers. Thanks

  19. ravi

    I’m also agreed to you guys myntra people are pathetic and no product is genuine with them they bloody cheaters, rascals and fake they don’t have any real face no original product. I think Mukesh Bansal is biggest cheater as representing CEO of the company. Their support people dont listen to customer and once sale is done they dont care about you. “plzzzzzzz guys dont go for myntra never ever !” it really pathetic,…….

  20. Debasish Bhattacharya

    Would like to have CEO’s id please.


  21. Anand Kumar

    What a bloody load of bullshit. The bastard is probably running from the law in America. The site is a mess and they do not deliver…..especially any product that is available at a discount…He needs to be put away behind bars!!

  22. Manu

    Bloody cheaters……….. Pls dont purchase anything from the site. The products are duplicate with pathetic service and no cash back for product returned.

    • ritesh

      i think you are right…. I’m experiencing same. i returned products, but everyday they are sending email, that executive came to take pickup and I was unavailable. i think they are trying to lapse 30 days return policy…… so that they don’t have to return my money. this kind of business attitude is just cheating public…..

  23. nikul bhavsar

    myntra are cheaters.. even they did not cash back or return your money. my order number is 2141923..waiting for my cash back since more than 30 days. I already maild and called so many times but useless. can any one provide that baster CEO mukesh bansal mail id. i am going to take legal action on him. cheaters…

  24. ebenezer l

    get me ceo email id …. need to make a complain …

  25. rajesh

    Have you ever tried Its a real-time and the most innovative ecommerce website. you can buy and sell any items best price ever…. do not chase sellers… let sellers chase you and offer the best price….

    you may check this out…

  26. B.K Ratha

    I guess myntra is just for some businessman trying to eyewash tax dept.He doesn’t need business at-least one deal is enough is for any1 to understand that.It’s a cover up for hefty black money.Otherwise people who do want business would not be so lame.

    Its pathetic the CEO should be banished from India

  27. K. Basu

    Myntra is a joke I have never seen a company so unprofessional even by Indian standard.They work on the pace of snail.They don’t respond to emails.They don’t care untill yelled upon

  28. What an idea sir ji! India has grown to accept ecommerce and soon it will flourish into a big business,delievery of products in due time will be a major concern. ALL THE BEST MYNTRA

  29. What an idea sir ji! India has grown to accept ecommerce and soon it will flourish into a big business,delievery of products in due will be a major concern. ALL THE BEST MYNTRA

  30. Raja BoseBose

    God save the customers who deals with ur esteemed organisation MR CEO..Your customer support head is a useless guy who does not even have interest to talk to the irate customers…you guys should be thrown out of this business.

  31. I congratulate you for having such a ‘great’ sales team. Sales manager (Priya Prakash) who doesn’t send anything on time and doesn’t pick up calls and a Sales Head (Venkat) who says your people cant travel from HSR layout to Koramnagala to show some samples because they don’t have the bandwidth even if i am ordering 70+ T shirts.
    If this is the way Myntra works, let the God almighty only save your cmpany.

  32. vivek seksaria

    need your company executive to meet me with product profile.thanks.vivek

  33. munish sharma

    Really an innovative & user friendly interactive concept for indian market and vast potential consumers .
    Our(indian) urban consumers and net surfers are quite passionate for these creative services but needed to be educate & explored .As far as indian urban psyche is considered though these are useful concepts but in order to make this commercially viable there is strong need to market it.. as indian consumers psyche goes ..they need every services at door step(easy going slow relaxing attitude) so there is strong need to educate -aware them in order to gain commercial insights.Its(india) an unexplored virgin market as far as e -commerce business is concerned hence 100% growth is there an sky is the limit as is an upcoming unexplored service of wishes

  34. Excellent stuff Daksh.Would be happy to interact with you

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