Discussion forums still alive..

Continuing from my last post on Web hosting ( trying to focus a bit on tech. these days …..)

My quest for a good web-host landed me at several websites, blogs and discussion forums. A lot of them appeared to make quite a few promises.

Although the evolution of blogs has re-defined the art of conversations good old php forum continues to run well despite stuff competition. Popular MBA discussion groups like pagal guy, cool-avenues, job forums, web directories, scripts and other talks are still pretty much a part of traditional discussion forums. The biggest advantage of such forums is presence of moderators.

Why these forums work ?

Pretty interesting, the other day two members were banned in one of the discussion forums. Reason? The reason these guys joined in, one of them who was hunting for a job asked a funny question how to search for a job and the other one almost instantly replied by naming one job portal.

The results both of them were banned for spamming the forum. That’s the power of discussion forums. The other advantage with access to several good guys you can ask them questions, you can complain and do quite a few things.

(Image source http://sharing.mayer-johnson.com/images/index_discussion.jpg)


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