REVAi: Old Story in A New Bottle?

Very rarely do I blog about topics not which are not tech-specific and today seems to be one special day! I am basically talking about the launch of new REVAi from the electric car company REVA. To its credit REVA is the first company in India to come up with this unique innovative concept of electric cars.


Talking about REVA for that matter, let me ask if you have seen it (very few guys have actually seen this toy-shaped car on the streets of Indian capital)? If you have, what is the first impression that you get about it? The first thing that strikes my mind when I talk about REVA is “cost”. Yeah, REVA has been promoted so far as a cost-effective fuel efficient car for a typical Indian consumer.

Lets look at some of the features of REVAi -:

Easy to Drive

Which car manufacturer doesn’t say that it is not easy to drive. I won’t really look upon it as an improvement from the previous version.

Easy to Charge

Strong point here! It can be charged just like a mobile charger. To charge the car to 100% it takes about 8 hours. At a charge of 80% the car runs for 65kms. Quite interestingly it takes only two and half hours to charge the car to 80%. As you can see the real time is taken while charging it from 80% to 100%.

Assuming, a car-owner travels from Rohini to Gurgaon everyday, with a bit of route-diversion he could end up traveling about 65kms which means that he has to effectively charge his car overnight to ensure that is charged fully :).

Low Voltage System

From the security aspects, REVAi is a safe car as it uses a low voltage system.

The never ending of list of features makes it difficult for the average consumer to identify what’s really new in REVAi? What’s fresh?

For more features click here..

At an ex-showroom price of Rs 399343.00 it seems to pitched on the higher side. (Having said that no can deny the cost-advantages it offers in the long run).


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6 responses to “REVAi: Old Story in A New Bottle?

  1. Sonja Naidu

    I have seen it last year it is very cute and just like a small toy looking good. My kids were enjoying to see it.


    Revai fully justifies its slogan ie. ” City mobility at its best! .”
    I have been using this cuty for the last one month. It’s pick up is quite surprising .. I can cruise at 60 to 70 kmph in boost mode ; that too with out compramising on circuit range of 80 km per charge.
    This tiny car is the best answer for traffic woes since it is fully automatic and very easy to handle. Initial price sounds bit high , but if u look at other similar cars in Europe which is less in speed as well as circuit range , u will be surprised to see the price of Reva is much lower .

  3. sushaantu

    strictly for the greenpeace workers and grannies.and moreover they will have to remember every electrical socket in the city.not practical in short term unless petrol companies start providing the option to recharge at their outlets.and yes a big company either toyota or honda is building a 4 seater vehicle (still in concept stage) on these lines i saw the pics and they seemed ferraris by indian standards

  4. Vishal Khetwani

    I have seen this car quite a lot on the roads in Mumbai. Infact I have also seen this car when it is getting charged. The concept seems funny with a wire coming out from the side of a car and going into the mains.

    But i strongly feel that teh car is not worth it at such a whopping price. The reasons, the shape, the size. It would not create a strong brand ownership for me. Also there is a question on the after sales service.

    I would rather wait for a good car company to come out with an alternate fuel vehicle. Infact tata’s might come out with a compressed air fuel car by end of this decade.

  5. It’s good to have an electric car but they could have made it bigger. Atleast 4 seater!!!

  6. Rajnessh

    yes, I have seen looks good, different, and no doubt special.
    hope this electric car does well in india too, as I have heard its world’s most selling electric car.

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