Fastrack Adopts Social Media

fastrack-johnFor B-School students this seems to be a perfect case study in the making. Yeah, I am talking about embracing of social media by Fastrack,a leading youth fashion brand by Titan. It has been almost 10 years since Fastrack launched and it has picked up quite well in the last decade. This year is special for two reasons – Fastrack has launched NEON Disc and its new portal called which could turn out to be a real hit among the web junkies.

Lets try to look into NEON DISC and the media portal then 🙂

I must admit that I’m yet to try out the watch but I’ve been fairly impressed by the portal and the video advertisement thanks to YouTube. ‘NEON DISC’ is special as it doesn’t use hands to display the watch and the time is shown by, two concentric aluminum discs which represent the hour and the minute. The NEON sheet lights up on the push of a button, thereby aiding in time telling. The price is between 1195 to 2195 although according to the provoking advertisement, the price range starts from Rs. 595.

Web2.0 traits in

The site has been given the shape of a blog (why are comments closed?) and they’ve used a stand-alone a blogging platform Really great to see an Indian company using my favorite platform 😉 As far as the blog is concerned I’d personally love to see more stories behind the development of these two fantastic products ‘Bikers’ and ‘NEONDISC’. The Flickr stream has the entire collection of Eyegear and Watches. Do check it out as you’d find some really cool shades and sporty watches out there. I think it’d be much better if the site Flickr stream uses dynamic thumbnails for images.

For passionate bikers and sports watch lovers there’s a Fastrack group on Facebook.

The group is a platform to bring the biker community together – from India and overseas – to discuss trends, issues, products & offers, tips & advice, events and more…related, of course, to biking and maybe the great outdoors.

I notice that there are 83 members already in the group – A healthy number. There’s plenty happening out there a Don’t Cry Johny Contest, members posting cool biking videos and more..

Apparently, there’s another portal, which took fairly long time(a flash movie) to load on my firefox browser.Unfortunately, there’s no ‘skip the movie button’, so all I could do was wait. (btw has shades of the Sony Ericsson’s k750i micro-site).

Pretty impressive stuff overall and could go well with the youth if executed correctly.

Disclaimer: I do not have any association with Titan/ Fastrack. The opnion here is my own and does not represent my organization.


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9 responses to “Fastrack Adopts Social Media

  1. hcg

    Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read anything like this before. So nice to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject.

  2. sports watches that are made from titanium are great, expensive and very lightweight :“

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  5. Hi Simeran,
    Thanks for adding to the conversation.

    I think, the page loading time was fairly long may be due to the slow broadband connection 🙂 or probably the browser.

    To get the statistics right I did the speed test for the page check it out

    I’d add more later.

  6. Hi Daksh!

    Thanks for your feedback – helps to know we’ve begun on the right foot! Am glad the ad provoked you to write so much about our new collection!

    Will look into why the home page took so long to load, may need to temper down some of the goodlooking stuff we got tempted into keeping in the interest of preventing a queueing up!

    All our communication does carry a range starts from – line for wristgear specifically Rs 595 onwards to cue that Fastrack is affordable(we go upto 2495). We did toy with changing it every collection as each collection has different starting points. But thinking that it would cause a lot of confusion especially as we are only 2 years old (since our repositioning & relaunch) & still need to establish a price perception. Maybe we’ll re-open discussion to see if there ise any other way we can do it.

    Welcome your views – keep them coming!

  7. daksh

    Thanks for the chipping in Rajesh 🙂 It makes everything much clearer for me as well as other folks who read the blog.

  8. Hey Daksh,

    Thanks for the fantastic write-up :).

    A couple of points: Media. is actually a Dynamic Media Room for bloggers and media, to us to share the latest from Fastrack – news, happenings, campaigns and more. It features social media press releases; flickr streams; social book-marking buttons; videos; links to our and more…

    So, it is set-up on a blog engine but not a blog and specific media queries are routed to the Fastrack team via email (most media like to keep there story under wraps until published and don’t like to put up queries as comments) and hence comments are closed.

    The flickr dynamic feed was enabled but we have for now chosen to put specific images and might go to the dynamic feed soon. Your feedback helps too :).

    Cheers and keep writing.

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