Catching Up With Shane Warne

Imagine how does it feel to catch up with your favorite cricketer. Only one emotion – you are on top of the world 🙂  I caught up with the spin maestro Shane Warne at the Bangalore airport. Shane Warne was in town for the IPL inauguration ceremony.

My Spicjet flight had reached bangalore on time. However there was some delay in baggage collection as there was tech. issue with the conveyor belt. The wait was frustrating for all the passengers on board. As it turned out, the wait was worthwile.

Shane Warne with Me



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6 responses to “Catching Up With Shane Warne

  1. daksh

    yeah pure luck arun .. 😉

  2. Now that’s lucky….Why do some guys have all the luck. I must have spend countless hours waiting in airport lounges, but never had a luck of seeing someone I even remotely like 🙂

  3. amit

    lucky the pic is good

  4. Vishal Khetwani

    A Rare photo of two Superstars…….

    One in Cricket

    Another in Web2.0, Marketing and the list goes on and on…..

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