Xtees.com – A Unique t-shirt selling hub

Last week was quite interesting as I spent most of my time fiddling around with testing and installation of Drupal on local network. I would give an overview of it in the near future.
About Xtees.com
I also spoke with Sam from xtees.com which is an online hub for t-shirt selling. When I first took a look at xtees.com, I told myself here is another competitor to the likes of Myntra’s, Gnome’s (now Inkfruit), Pringoo’s and others. But as Sam told me there’s a subtle difference in what xtees.com is and in what it is trying to achieve! Operating from Tirupur (India’s t-shirt junction), Xtees.com has been active in the t-shirt selling space for about 5 years now (older than any of the current startups in this space).

Primarily it is serving Indian customers and till date has managed a base of roughly 200,000 customers. The key differentiators are that Xtees.com is into ‘screen printing’ and has it own t-shirt brands. So there isn’t any tie-up that has happened. Primarily they stock a lot of plain and professional printing t-shirts. However, Xtees.com has also partnered with rediff, storeguru and futurebazaar for its sales.

The team@Xtees is quite small and consists of only 4 people. Despite a small team special emphasis is given to efficient customer-servicing. The CEO acts as the customer-interface and politely responds to all the customer interfaces. Most importantly if you don’t get a t-shirt of your choice you can always return it back to Xtees.com

Xtees.com gets a lot of repeat customers and its marketing efforts are essentially restricted to offline tactics. For e.g. they always send special post-cards to their customer pool after every six months or so. Going by Sam’s words ‘Xtees.com is a unique example of a successful online-brand which is continuing to do well without any online marketing efforts’. What are your thoughts on such models? Do you think that brands like Xtees.com do not require special marketing efforts (online/offline) primarily because of the reputation that they’ve established in the industry?

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12 responses to “Xtees.com – A Unique t-shirt selling hub

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  2. shivil

    poor service.bad attitude.unhelphul and rude.unprofessional.. its taken almost 15 days for my items to reach me.. and i paid through card so dat i get it earlier.. i called they. they shipped to some other
    adress.. bluedart says the shipper mentioned the wrong address. i called them.. they have been saying for the past 2 days that i will receive it shortly.. still havnt.. just called now. Mr. Manoj picked up the phone. when i told him my name,he hung up on me..

  3. Rajeev Jain

    This guy Sam@xtees.com is just a spammer. Once he gets ur contact info, he will spam you or his pooja@xtees.com will spam you. Avoid them.

  4. Vinit

    I have used Xtees more than one year back when they were the only online t-shirt site. But on that order itself I found poor quality and customer service was not very good. So I guess now since there are new players in the market which can force xtees to improv these areas.

    I have placed order from myntra.com and pringoo.com. As far as the quality and customer service is concern, I found pringoo is ahead of myntra. myntra’s printing quality did not have so much vibrancy as pringoo guys gave me. So mynta needs to improve their prinitng quality. Also pringoo’s price is around Rs 50 lesser than pringoo. As pringoo offered me free shipping and no tax.

  5. u guys should check out my blog on great tshirts i’ve come across … 🙂 it will be an eye opener for many of you in terms of what kind of stuff is available online these days ..

  6. They sell Pro NAZI shirts… until they ban these products, there is no way I would shop there….

  7. Sam

    4) Can u show one customisation site in India that offers customisation on Collar Polo T-Shirts? XTEES.COM is the only site that offers customisation in Collar Polo T-Shirts

    You can customise a Collar Polo T-Shirt at XTEES with the following options :

    SIZES : S, M, L, XL, XXL > COLORS : Black, Grey Melange, Navy, Red, White, Bottle Green, Yellow, White Melange, Orange, Royal Blue, Beige, Maroon

    You can check it out at : http://www.xtees.com/pr/cnt/index.htm

    I have lot more to comment. Let me have the feedback for the above & I will continue…

  8. Sam

    LADIES > SIZES : S, M, L, XL > COLORS : Black, Orange, Red, Royal Blue, White Melange

    KIDS > SIZES : S, M, L, XL > COLORS : Bottle Green, Sky Blue, Lt. Yellow, Red

    You can checkit out at http://doit.xtees.com

  9. Sam

    KIDS > SIZES : S, M, L, XL > COLORS : Bottle Green, Sky Blue, Lt. Yellow, Red

    You can checkit out at http://doit.xtees.com

  10. Sam

    Think, both the above posters have just blindly posted without indepth knowledge on XTees.Com … First of all as the CEO of XTees.Com, I would rubbish any comparision of XTees with Myntra (or) any other customisation sites.

    1) XTEES is a wild tshirt brand that has some kinda cult in it. We launch only designs that have some kinda attitude … We do not launch soft designs on our site

    2) XTEES is first a retail brand and we are building up a wide retail presence. Internet sales is just a part of XTEES and I can proudly say that XTEES has won the hearts of real tshirt lovers rather than anyone else. We have lot of customers who own each and every design of XTEES

    3) Even in customisation … noone can beat XTEES in the wide range we offer … Just for ex…

    You can customise a tshirt at XTEES with the following options

    MEN > SIZES : S, M, L, XL, XXL > COLORS : Black, Grey Melange, Navy, Red, White, Bottle Green, Yellow, White Melange, Orange, Royal Blue

  11. i agree with ajay. was a regular xtees customer till sometime back.. but they need to work on their designs… somehow myntra makes it seem very customised, as far as service goes

  12. Ajay

    Well I have been using Xtees for years now, almost 4 years, and have ordered quite a few tshirts. But to be honest, they have not kept up with the pace. I never had any issues with quality and the service was OK.

    However, they have failed to keep up with the pace and competitors like Myntra have moved far ahead. I have recently started ordering from Myntra and have been overwhelmed by the range of designs they have on offer. Couple it with the fact that you can create your own t-shirt and the overall price comes out to be much lower than Xtees when you take into account all this. I have ordered 3 tshirts from Myntra and all have been of excellent quality. And I would say their customer service is far better than Xtees since you stay updated through their mails about your shipment status.

    All in all, I dont think I will go back to Xtees again, unless they do something surprisingly different.

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