My Dear Consultant – Think About It !

Confused office worker

Imagine the story of a confused guy from an enterprise. Some-one who isn’t a typical unaware customer anymore. Some-one who’s using the power of internet to get ground-insights about the stuff that he really wants.

A few weeks back…

I am a common man, a common small business-owner. I like exploring the developments that are happening around me. I like trying out things that fit the needs of my business and actually provide value to my unit.

One day..

With dreams of making it big and hopes of benefitting from the ‘web-wave’ I thought of approaching a top-notch consultant one day.


Poor me, why am I being taken for a ride by my so called ‘niche’ consulting firm? What wrong did I do? Was my research in-adequate? Or was I over-expectant? Oh no, perhaps they never understood what I wanted to achieve. Or perhaps, the set of tools, tactics and methodologies are so powerful that I’d be a fool if I do not follow them.

His Thoughts..

My consultant is so convinced that:

  • I should be present on social-network.
  • I should use a micro-blog like ‘Twitter’.
  • I should write a blog
  • I should ‘Ajaxify’ my current website
  • I should jump into the conversation
  • I should use a Wiki for enterprise-collaboration

And do what not & what not…


‘But Why? ’ That’s the simple question that I have been asking everybody. Why should I do it?

My company is following the open-culture of communication. Why do I need the barrier of technology to talk via a Wiki when I can do that in person? Is there are any social-network that serves my focused interests?

The Reason

Something which he hasn’t been able to tell convincingly. I like exploring things deep-down. With tight-budgets I believe that there should be a strong reason for adoption of any new trend. Just because everyone is doing it therefore I should also do it is a rubbish reason for me.

What do you say my friend? I know you’re a busy man ! Perhaps, if you get sometime you should think about it. I know you’re telling the whole world about flexibility of web2.0, social-media and things like that. But the fact is I’ve become a little wiser too. I have also learnt a thing or a two from the traits.

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5 responses to “My Dear Consultant – Think About It !

  1. Daksh,

    Sorry for the late reply (:

    I don’t like Twitter because I am not an ego-centric individual nor someone who likes to publish my life’s ongoing constantly. I am talking about this as far as in the social context. But, in business-context wise, though Twitter for me is designed more for individuals rather than companies or corporations, it is possible to take advantage of the wide usage of it.

    E.g, I can imagine a scenario where companies use Twitter to publish promotions or news updates with regards to e.g. hot buys and stock picks on Twitter, where their customers can subscribe to.

  2. daksh

    Hi Keith,

    Thanks for your insightful comments. You raise several thought provoking points.

    I think as far the use of ‘Twitter’ in business-context is concerned again [like social n/w] it depends on what business you’re in. Could you explain why exactly you do-not like twitter?

    Is that it is far too global?

  3. Hi Daksh,

    Wiki is a very good way to accrue business intelligence and knowledge base. It also allows everyone to contribute and learn without constraints of physical space and time.

    On the other points:
    * I should be present on social-network.
    – It depends on your type of business. Do you need to reach out to that much people?

    * I should use a micro-blog like ‘Twitter’.
    – I have no comment. Twitter hasn’t exactly taken off in Singapore, where I operate. I don’t like Twitter and I expect alot more startups to develop better Location Based Applications.

    * I should write a blog
    – Corporate Blogging brings your customer closer to you, cultivating a sense of belonging and personafication.

    * I should ‘Ajaxify’ my current website
    – Ajax reduce overall loading time for the readers – This is not a trend, it is a must.

  4. nidddles

    that was a really interesting post! Why is a good question to ask, and I understand where you’re coming from.

    I’m a social media intern at a PR agency in boston, and you’re the first blogger I’ve met who invites readers to a skype call. do a lot of readers skype you?

    p.s. twitter is awesome. it’s a great personal way to get in touch with people and to hear about the latest news/trends etc.

  5. I use technology that work for me and not vice versa.

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