Moving One Step Closer to Dream

Dear Friends & Well-wishers,

It has been a long time since we’ve been conversing through the medium of this blogging platform. During all these years, I have developed specific interest in the social platforms and how they can be used by you, me & ‘organizations’. At a professional level, I’ve got some fantastic opportunities to work in excellent places where I’ve been encouraged to drive initiatives & take full responsibility to execute them. Certainly I have cherished every moment of it, as it is very rare to get such kind of experience.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, I have always believed in trying out new things even when it applies to professional endeavors. I had been always telling myself that I have to pursue my passion. I don’t know from where the trigger came in but perhaps it was a sub-conscious decision that my mind had taken. The decision was to move to the uncharted waters of Entrepreneurship.

Building on these layers of learning,passion & interest, I’d like to announce my next move i.e. association with Iffort as a Co-Founder. Operating from NCR, [India] Iffort is a fresh firm which would help businesses in the areas of Digital marketing, New Media & Web-strategy.

‘Fresh’ is the keyword here as it reflects our heart, mindset and approach towards work.

What does ‘Iffort’ mean?

Pronunciation: \ˈi-ff-ort-\ (i of ‘India’ ffort of ‘Effort’)

The prefix ‘i’ in Iffort has a dual focus reflecting ‘Internet‘ & ‘Innovation’. Derivative meaning: Iffort demonstrates an innovative effort in the space of Internet.

Our value principles will be built on working together with organizations of different scales & processes to define their overall objectives and help them leverage the social aspects of web in the right manner.

Our offerings would span across companies which lie in the WAP (Web Adoption Pyramid) framework.

To begin with, we would be working on a strong collaborative model with itemperance consulting, who would assist us with execution of various assignments in the web-strategy spectrum.

At themarketingblog, I’d continue to address topics on startup ecosystem, social media challenges & the conversation culture. Sometimes you’d see me cross-posting information on this blog from other sources to keep you updated.

Here I share with you a couple pictures from our office 🙂 Hope you do like them. Stay tuned, as I promise to bring you more updates.

Look forward to your blessings & support in this new journey of life 🙂 In the meantime, do visit us at or share some love at Facebook fan page. Would be glad to have your feedback !



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8 responses to “Moving One Step Closer to Dream

  1. Sunil Malhotra

    A proud moment, Daksh! All the best

  2. Congrats Daksh. I guess I was late in wishing you in this forum. Nevertheless, keep rocking as usual.


  3. Dear All,

    Thank you for the wishes.


  4. Congrats Daksh!

    We should hook up sometime.

    All the best,

  5. I liked the topics you plan to cover such as startup ecosystem, social media challenges & the conversation culture. It’s intriguing so I hope you will post often.

    All the best for your latest endeavor.

  6. Vishal Khetwani

    Amazing Daksh. Finally an entrepreneur is born. Best of Luck !!. I am sending u my resume

  7. Pranav

    Kudos guys!! My best wishes are with you! 🙂 Looking forward to some awesome work from you!

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