https://themarketingblog.wordpress.com is an attempt to discuss, share and distribute topics and information on anything connected/disconnected with marketing. The structure & approach of the blog is a little informal.

If you feel that “content/stuff” in this blog is not directly connected to marketing then u’re right as that’s quite intentional.

I enjoy connecting with people 🙂 , feel free to Skype me and talk about topics outside/inside the scope of this blog guess you would enjoy the conversation. Click here to know more about me.

Want to contribute or have something interesting to share? If you have any comments.. or just want to talk about anything which interests you drop me an email at toreachdaksh@gmail.com or skype me on my id dakshsayshello. You can always give me a call at +91 98 917 00977

Disclaimer: The thoughts expressed by me on this blog are my personal views and do not represent the views of my employer or the organizations I have been associated with. In addition, I have an open mind and almost everyday I learn something new. That’s the reason why my thoughts change with my learnings. My opinion today might be entirely different from the past-posts. I believe in the principle of sharing information. Feel free to link to any of the posts in this blog.

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25 responses to “About

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  2. nice article daksh sir,
    i want to your help i can call you any time and also skype
    please reply me sir quikly

    i want to increase my website traffic how is possible give me idea
    thank you for information

  3. very nice Blog,,i Visit first time but wanna visit again and again ,,,,very nice Blog ,,keep it up.

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  5. It’s nice know that good marketing minds like you are sharing… very few do this in real sense.

  6. This indeed is a nice blog, the best part of the blog is that it has lot of stats related to web marketing, though i am not very much into the technical side of web marketing but as an aspiring marketer understanding the web based media on pure no. such as no. of face book users or growth rate of specific website will surely help me understand the web medium better and in fact will help any marketer to take better descions when it comes to promote a brand online .

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  10. Pallavi

    The best part about your blog, you share your contact details in detail. Rule No.1 in marketing/PR or any line related to it-be approachable, discussions always lead to new ideas and growth!

    Looking forward to coming back and reading more… I am a PR & communications consultant based in Delhi, incase you would like to get in touch please feel free to write in.


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  14. Like your writing.

    Freedom in writing is an skill.

    Wajahat Abbas

  15. sharad

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    deails about the this card

  16. David

    I like your blog, i’m joining more and more. Keep up the good work buddy.

  17. Great information here! Very useful and helpful. Great work.

  18. HI Daksh,

    Excellent blog! Thanks for your comment on our blog. We are launching in Delhi soon. Say, couple of weeks. Will keep you posted.

    Keep up the good work

  19. Bikash

    Hi the blog is really a good attempt for discussing marketing, I see a big potential here. We could actually come together and discuss and work out marketing plan for rural india . That is the hot thing thats gonna happen in the years to come. This could actually be one of the platform bringing together enterpreneural minds together for a bigger purpose. so guys wat do ya say

    -Bikash Agarwal

  20. Good to know about this blog. Friends, keep it up. Its really cool daksh. Nice blog indeed.

  21. parag bhise

    Really good…keep good work on & on

  22. Thats a great Blog.. The best thing i like about it, is its Eye Catching Interface. One of the Best and Appealing Interface that i have ever seen..!! Keep Rocking guys..!!
    — Through email by : Himanshu Sharma (contacthimanshu@gmail.com)

  23. Sachin

    great job dude… keep it up

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