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Volkswagen Car Promotion

Credits : ravithesun

Volkswagen is the fourth leading automobile manufacturer in the world. (Headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany). In German Volkswagen means “People’s Car”. Volkswagen is a part of Volkswagen Group along with Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Bentely, Bugatti and Lamborghini.

Volkswagen is well known for different kinds of promotion techniques its uses for promoting its cars. I’ve  attached a PPT on Volkswagen Car Promotion which talks more about its promtion techniques:

1) Customer Offer
2) Media Promotion
3) Web Promotion

1) Customer Offer : Volkswagen many times use a music concept to market it’s car. for e.g. Free electric guitar, iPod and some kind of musical programs (covered in Media Promotion). Volkswagen also provides different schemes for graduate college students. Lately, Volkswagen Brazil offered suborbital space flight.

2) Media Promotion : Volkswagen launched media program called “Blues” to complement and communicate VW’s brand essence. This promotion was a huge success, over 2 million people attended different concerts under this promotion program. To promote VW brand through movie VW,  join hands with Universal Studio.

3) Web Promotion : Volkswagen uses web technology like Podcasting to promote it’s brand via internet. Also it uses anytime anywhere marketing campaign with MSN network.

Check out PPT to get more detailed info on its different promotion techniques.


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