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My Dear Consultant – Think About It !

Confused office worker

Imagine the story of a confused guy from an enterprise. Some-one who isn’t a typical unaware customer anymore. Some-one who’s using the power of internet to get ground-insights about the stuff that he really wants.

A few weeks back…

I am a common man, a common small business-owner. I like exploring the developments that are happening around me. I like trying out things that fit the needs of my business and actually provide value to my unit.

One day..

With dreams of making it big and hopes of benefitting from the ‘web-wave’ I thought of approaching a top-notch consultant one day.


Poor me, why am I being taken for a ride by my so called ‘niche’ consulting firm? What wrong did I do? Was my research in-adequate? Or was I over-expectant? Oh no, perhaps they never understood what I wanted to achieve. Or perhaps, the set of tools, tactics and methodologies are so powerful that I’d be a fool if I do not follow them.

His Thoughts..

My consultant is so convinced that:

  • I should be present on social-network.
  • I should use a micro-blog like ‘Twitter’.
  • I should write a blog
  • I should ‘Ajaxify’ my current website
  • I should jump into the conversation
  • I should use a Wiki for enterprise-collaboration

And do what not & what not…


‘But Why? ’ That’s the simple question that I have been asking everybody. Why should I do it?

My company is following the open-culture of communication. Why do I need the barrier of technology to talk via a Wiki when I can do that in person? Is there are any social-network that serves my focused interests?

The Reason

Something which he hasn’t been able to tell convincingly. I like exploring things deep-down. With tight-budgets I believe that there should be a strong reason for adoption of any new trend. Just because everyone is doing it therefore I should also do it is a rubbish reason for me.

What do you say my friend? I know you’re a busy man ! Perhaps, if you get sometime you should think about it. I know you’re telling the whole world about flexibility of web2.0, social-media and things like that. But the fact is I’ve become a little wiser too. I have also learnt a thing or a two from the traits.

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Questions which make you think ..

An interesting set-up, I was trying to explain to a 35 year old man, the concept of blogging. I admit I was trying to drive him towards the background by talking about the philosophy and addressing the conversational aspects attached to it.

The only glitch – He was deep into the philosophy of blogs too.

I would like to understand from you guys why do you Blog ? I’m sure different people would have different thoughts , but that’s what I am trying to ask you what for you is the sheer essence of blogging ?

  • Is it because your heart tells you to do so ?
  • Is it because you think it is a craze ?
  • Is it because, you’ve an opinion too ?
  • Is it because you want to communicate a message to others?
  • Is it because you believe direct marketing is dead/days of one-way conversations where the marketer shouts, shouts and shouts.. are over?

Its such a good feeling when people make you think right down to the core.


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What next ?

My friend called me up last night to inform me that his small software company had hired a new marketing consultant, an “out of the outter box” marketing thinker.

First meeting results
After taking a quick look at the product and the website the consultant came up with a suggestion:

“Blog, blog & blog” – The first idea floated by the creative consultant. In response to common questions the consultant said blogging is the latest trend, blogging is growing, companies are engaging with customers, with potential employees and this gives them ability to maintain strong relationships with their stakeholders. Blogs allow people to participate in a conversation and make it more interesting.

“Inshort, consultant gave his best shot to educate the client about the benefits of blogging”

One brain questioned the consultant – Let’s assume we start blogging and so does every-body else who belongs to our category. Let’s also assume we embrace other social media concepts. Let’s say these blogs start getting good response from the community (2-3 comments per post), many page views, google pagerank, technoratis, diggs and everything else you can possibly think of.

We’ve have joined the Web2.0 bandwagon like everyone else and now we understand what exactly our customer thinks but so do others. So what next?

What next after this?


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Marketing/Sales/Business Development

Phil Morettini from PJM Consulting has a written a fantastic post which Phil Moretinniexplains key differences b/w sales, marketing & business development.  For more information on PJM Consulting please visit 


Can best be understood by the “4Ps of Marketing” as a framework:

Product–all the things that make the product what it is–features, interface, positioning, etc.

Promotion–how you get the word out about your product–advertising, direct mail, press relations, etc                                                                                                                            

Price–self explanatory, but along with the base price includes discount schedules and channel pricing, etc                                                                                                                        

Place–How you distribute the product, direct over the Internet, direct sales force, 1 step distribution, 2 step distribution, internationally or just domestically, etc.                          

Marketing has both a strategic component and tactical component.


This is probably the most easily understood, but it varies greatly by company. Simply, once a prospect has been identified by marketing, it is all that is involved in the process of getting the deal and converting them from a prospect to a customer. This can be quite separate from the marketing process in some high priced products, but can almost appear to be the “backend” of the marketing process for lower priced products sold directly–for example by download on the Internet.

Business Development

This is the least well defined of the three terms that you use, as it means different things to different people. Some people use this term interchangably with sales, or for “high end” or big account sales. But the classical definition of Business Development includes strategic partnering, licensing (in and out), M&A if there isn’t a separate corporate development function, OEM relationships, and sometimes channel development if there isn’t a dedicated channel team.

There is of course gray areas and different interpretations for all three, but I hope that this is helpful to you as a baseline

Credits : PJM Consulting

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