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YoMacha: India’s Hot or Not ?

machaA few days back I had received a ‘profiling’ request from Vandana Makharia from YoMacha. A brief look at YoMacha tells you that it isn’t exactly a run-of-the mill social networking portal with typical Web2.0 features. What’s really encouraging to see is that it is an internet startup from a non-metro. Operating from Jaipur, YoMacha is an inspiration for wannabe entrepreneurs from other towns and districts.

What is YoMacha ?

Yo Macha! is an internet startup from Jaipur and has been launched with a concept of rating pictures of people or users themselves. YoMacha users can also create their own RATING WAR where one can create a popularity/non-popularity poll between any two given topics that can be thought off.” 

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