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Gadget Spotlight: JBL Flip, A little beauty

Let’s start 2014 on a musical note with one of the coolest bluetooth speakers – JBL Flip. It connects easily with your bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet or system and also plays music through the 3.5mm AUX input.

Don’t go by its size, the portable Flip packs a big punch with its loud and crystal clear sound. In the price bracket of 5,000+ INR it is one of the best portable mini bluetooth speakers around!

It has a “Call” button which means that you can use the Flip as a hands-free speaker for your phone calls. The Flip has an external AC charger and doesn’t come with an external USB charger which is not really a problem unless you don’t like carrying too many wires with you. You can listen to the music on JBL Flip in a horizontal position or by placing it vertically upright with the sound output depending on type of music you play.

The JBL Flip rests on its rubber support and packs a punch despite its small size

The JBL Flip rests on its rubber support and packs a punch despite its small size


As the name suggests you can Flip it to make it stand vertically upright.


The speaker easily works on battery for 4-5 hours and delivers sound through its two 5W drivers.

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themarketingblog@wordpress on Mobile

There was a time when mobile version of a website used to be a rarity. The trend appears to have changed now and today’s development-teams have to consider the compatibility of their website/blog with mobile phones.

The process of creating a mobile version of your site/blog is pretty easy and takes less than 2 minutes – thanks to a company called MoFuse.
The mobile version of uses .mobi as an extension.

Try out your hands right now on MoFuse with a new mobile version of your website/blog.

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YoMacha: India’s Hot or Not ?

machaA few days back I had received a ‘profiling’ request from Vandana Makharia from YoMacha. A brief look at YoMacha tells you that it isn’t exactly a run-of-the mill social networking portal with typical Web2.0 features. What’s really encouraging to see is that it is an internet startup from a non-metro. Operating from Jaipur, YoMacha is an inspiration for wannabe entrepreneurs from other towns and districts.

What is YoMacha ?

Yo Macha! is an internet startup from Jaipur and has been launched with a concept of rating pictures of people or users themselves. YoMacha users can also create their own RATING WAR where one can create a popularity/non-popularity poll between any two given topics that can be thought off.” 

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Burrp Delhi

I had made a request to buddy Anand Jain who dropped me an email yesterday to inform about the launch of Burrp Delhi. Wow, internet junkies were expecting this from quite sometime, apna(english : our own) desi (english : local) site is here.

  • Imagine your uncle is in town and he wants to check out the best restaurant around Pitampura for example. You donot need to worry as burrp is there for you. Log on to burrp Delhi and read the review and send the restaurant details to your uncle right on his phone using Burrp’s SMS feature.
  • Searching for Sandwich plaza across DLF? No problem Burrp’s here.
  • Burrp Delhi has an extensive listing of food vendors, restaurants with  different delicacies. No matter where you’re burrp Delhi is gonna take care of your eating worries.

Some one referred Burrp as the web-based version of Times Delhi Food guide. Probably, he might be correct but then users generate their own content give their own feedback. Also you might want to add the vast variety of restaurants and eating places which is definitely missing in the newsletter which have been published. The content in such guides is dead, it is too static. For an ordinary user, Burrp works well as it is neat and provides the information you can connect with.

Although Burrp has been around for quite sometime, it’s Delhi version is probably the first time I have checked it out.

Someone raised another question which might have been already answered or probably lookined into. The gentleman politely said,”So what’s the big deal about user generated content?”. “This looks like a focused version of mouthshut and we already have several directory listings like Indiamart. So according to me Burrp is a mashpup of a directory listings + user-reviews + web2.0 philosophy”.


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People, Pages and Fun – Cool Jimdo

Jimdo – Pages to the People

Three guys operating from Hamburg in Germany, are giving a bit of headaches to website masters, web-designer and developers. Their cool service “Jimdo” makes designing web-pages simple.

So simple, that even a 5 year child can do it with a few mouse clicks.

The fairy tale started when the three co-founder won a Business-Plan competition with which they pocketed 20,000 USD.

Jimdo is a free to use fun package, allowing even a lay-man to design visually appealling web-pages from scratch. Jimdo allows you to integrate pictures, videos and forms and do whatver you want in a few clicks.

29 year old Matthias, Jimdo’s co-founders talks about its philosophy :

When we were looking for a name of our company it was really important to us that all domains were still available, that the name would work internationally, that it’s short easy to remember, that the name would work internationally. From our perspective, Jimdo serves all these requirements it is an artificial name and has no meaning… (it’s the name)

Contrary to the popular belief, Jimdo is a new concept as it has never been so easy and beautiful to create and publish an own website with Jimdo.

Its three main advantages are:

1. It’s that easy to handle that it’s fun.
2. The created pages look beautiful, you can highly individualize the design (freedom in design).
3. You can integrate pretty much any kind of content you’d like to integrate, the Pages are especially beautiful with pictures (freedom in content).

End-users can easily create and publish their own free website. They can highly
customize their design, add as many pages as they want, move them in submenues if necessary, can integrate pretty much any kind of content (also flickr-images, youtube-videos, bookmarks, and any other kind of widget), protect their pages with several passwords, use the newslettersystem with linktracking, check with theit statistics how many people visited their Page, etc.

Revenue flows from Advertisements and JimdoPro (the Pro-version of Jimdo). It’s a small marketing team after-all and as many other web start-ups we’re trying to deliver a first class product that the users like that much, that they’ll spread the word about it 🙂

I’m still adoring the cool service. Way to go Jimdo.


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I recently had the opportunity to speak with CEO & co-founder, Mukesh Bansal. So here is his journey in his own words…………..

I worked for a consulting company, Deloitte consulting and I worked for them for 2 years. Then for the last 8 years I worked for 4 different start-ups in Bay area, California all early stage companies, couple of enterprise software companies and couple of e-commerce companies.I’d been looking at the whole environment in India, whole landscape was changing the economy was doing so well and opportunities arising.

I needed to do something and I got convinced that India was the right place to do it. I realized that e-commerce was going to be pretty significant in India for the next 4-5 years. Basically, you know based on lot of facts, lot of data I live to the whole dot com boom in Bay area then I came to know about Cafepress which has got a similar business in US. I got convinced that there is a decent potential for it in India and that non-else is doing it. Last september I started collecting a lot of data and facts and figures.

So that’s where the early seeds of the business came from.                                     Over the last few months I started doing some market research, I started working on this in August-September and moved to India full time in November.

People started joining steadily and we’ve grown to a team of 15 today. We’ve a development of about 4 people team. The marketing team looks after website content, we’ve our own operations for some of the products we do production in-house and for some we outsource.

The concept of Myntra
Anyone is looking for a unique gift, they have a great idea and they want to do something on their own they can come to Myntra website and based on our library of designs they can find something interesting or they can use our online tools to create an interesting design. In a nutshell, myntra should help anyone who is looking to have a unique product.

We are investing most of our effort in building a good robust search.

Restriction – Specific categories for mugs and t-shirt
It is a limitation, it is in the road-map we’re looking at a guideline to counter this. We are trying to come up with a strategy where we would let the designer have the flexibility of selecting his design for mug, t-shirt or anyother product.

Similar services
Only 1 service Dilsebol appears similar which has the concept to publish the design.

The concept of i.e. designs are uploaded by users as well as team. works for designer
For each instance of a sale of a designer’s design he earns 10% of sale.

Future activities & marketing strategy
We’re planning a series of big activities during the month of September probably during the first couple message. Future marketing strategy would revolve around colleges, conducting design contests in design schools. Primarily marketing is offline and there hasn’t been much of focus on online campaigns. Also Myntra is in the process of establishing affiliates.

Myntra’s Core message “Myntra is a place to find unique design and gifts”


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Designing customized t-shirts with your own logo is no more a problem, thanks to a cool website called

I’ve ordered a t-shirt from myntra and the entire process took less than 5 minutes. What I like about myntra is the ability to browse & buy t-shirts with logos designed by other creative guys.

I am sure there are lots of other features in as we take a deeper look into it. Check out Webyantra’s coverage 

Check out myntra right now

(image source


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