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Customer Service : Sorry what’s that ?

Scenario 1
“Son, may I request you to kindly keep this bag of biscuits over your counter for sometime?”.
“Why”, asked the shopkeeper. “Son, I have to purchase some milk from the dairy”, she said.
Shopkeeper’s answer – A big “NO”. … and the old lady walks away.

I was standing alongside the old lady and asked my self. Is this humanity? Probably customer service comes after that. Can some teach “dear” shopkeeper the art of effectively treating his customers.

Scenario 2
In upmarket area of South Delhi a popular Internet Service Provider operates at the mercy of rain gods. Rain pours and the internet simply goes off.

Rain is over but the customer’s misery with internet continues. This time it is a squirrel bite. Poor customer has no luck what-so-ever even with his plans to change to a new connection. Another service provider has customers inside 100 metres from his house but not at his place.

The angry customer goes to his connection provider’s office and starts complaining. He’s in for a rude shock as the roles are reversed this time, and the local provider shouts at him, shouts badly.

Probably it’s time we tell them something about treating their customers as now they only say onething “Customer Service: Sorry what’s that?”



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Web Hosting demystified – I

I’ve been running my blog on which offcourse is a free account currently. In the future, I plan to shift my blog to a domain on a account.

The other day I was doing a bit of search (organic search) for a cheap, reliable, quality (wow i.e. quite a bit) web-hosting provider. Did a bit of research, read some e-mails in my discussion group, talked to a couple of net experts ( not geeks but domain pros).

After some brain-storming I discovered a kool webhosting company called Velnetweb which seems to be one stop shop for all web hosting needs. Velnetweb offers web-design and wide variety of domains at cheap prices for 2 years.

My buddy gave a bit of positive feedback about Velnetweb and is quite satisfied by their service and has a hosted domain at Velnet for the last couple of years. What I look about Velnet is the ability to use themes which makes them quite cool.

Velnet shows a lot of promise and is best-fit solution if you are looking for a cost-effective domain hosting solution. The Velnet guys are based out of UK and offer 24 hour phone support. The future looks bright for Velnet if it continues to fulfill its promise of quality 🙂

All I can say at this point of time that they are creating a bit of wave by their price surely long way to stand up and be counted.

(Image source : Host Designs)


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Itasveer : India’s Best Photo Printing Website ?

In a brief e-mail discussion with me, Ankit Khanna, Director itasveer, revealed itasveer’s new features, why it is different from other online photo printing services in India and its future plans. Packed with cool features and top partners itasveer appears to be doing better than other online photo printing services like picsquare, fobaz. Gradually consumers appear to be moving away from the traditional methods of photo printing.

Itasveer’s new features 1. Itasveer introduced the themes for photo sharing to give better user experience check out powered photo sharing
2. 10 free prints on sign up
3. Referral program: refer 10 friends and earn a customized mug

Itasveer’s USP

Typically, I’d like to apply a different thought and would instead like to focus on key differentiations of itasveer from Picsquare which are user-centric. Over time, itasveer has established itself as one of its kind product in the online photo printing segment in India and outside India (presently our focus is India only). Our approach is led by innovative thinking – whether its UI, new product, or any new feature.

How is it different from other players:

1. Doodlepad is definitely the biggest differentiators. When we thought of introducing the merchandise, we thought why not develop a tool which empowers our users to come up with their designs. This led to the development of online design tool called Doodlepad ( It gives us the edge in technology and better user experience. Users can mix up designs, add clipart, background, frames, and get designs printed on t-shirts and mugs.

2. Users can download back their high resolution images for FREE. We are the first one in India to offer this service. Continue reading


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What next ?

My friend called me up last night to inform me that his small software company had hired a new marketing consultant, an “out of the outter box” marketing thinker.

First meeting results
After taking a quick look at the product and the website the consultant came up with a suggestion:

“Blog, blog & blog” – The first idea floated by the creative consultant. In response to common questions the consultant said blogging is the latest trend, blogging is growing, companies are engaging with customers, with potential employees and this gives them ability to maintain strong relationships with their stakeholders. Blogs allow people to participate in a conversation and make it more interesting.

“Inshort, consultant gave his best shot to educate the client about the benefits of blogging”

One brain questioned the consultant – Let’s assume we start blogging and so does every-body else who belongs to our category. Let’s also assume we embrace other social media concepts. Let’s say these blogs start getting good response from the community (2-3 comments per post), many page views, google pagerank, technoratis, diggs and everything else you can possibly think of.

We’ve have joined the Web2.0 bandwagon like everyone else and now we understand what exactly our customer thinks but so do others. So what next?

What next after this?


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I am sorry for the inconvenience Sir !!

“Hye, could you just help me out?”, I asked the busy shopkeeper.

“Yes sure , tell me what is it that you want?”, he asked.

“Um.. I want to buy a sim card for my college going cousin sister.”

“Yes, you can go for the post-paid connection of Hutch. It provides good connectivity and best-of-all offers real value for money to students.”

“But, I heard otherwise.”

“Ahaan.. what did you hear and from whom?”

“Well, I heard from some opinion leaders and their feedback was negative. They told me that they’ve faced a couple of problems on few occassions.”

“Forget those guys! trust me sir, this is good.”

“I thought for a second and eventually settled for the deal as I was tired and not really keen to do much of research.” Continue reading


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Spiritual Marketing: Creating wealth Inside out

“Spiritual Marketing”, that’s the title of the book written by Joe Vitale. Although, as a tech-mba I’ve never studied marketing, I most certainly think that an average marketer should try to connect with the thoughts expressed in this book.

The foreword of the book highlights the trio of paradigms that have the
power to paralyze people. They are doubt, fear and anxiety. Doubt leads you to fear which is the cause for anxiety. These factors are critical not just for an individual but also for that “simple marketer” out there.

Why should marketers/enterprise watch out for these three –

Doubt– Is that small element which always resides in your mind leading you
to unsurity. For e.g. You’re unsure about the single most important thing for
your product/service i.e. your goal.What exactly do you want achieve from it.

Fear– There’s always a fear in your mind that your competitor would step faster than you. Fear can create unhealthy competition and that’s when you tend to grow wrong.

Anxiety– Could be for absolutely anything e.g. performance anxiety,as a sales guy it could the anxiety of talking to people, anxiety of achieving quaretly results.

Sometimes the above factors create a positive frame of mind, but only sometimes. More often than not they tend to paralyze you.

So, where does “Spiritual marketing” come over here? Well to be honest it doesn’t really come anywhere. Its always easy to take the conventional path, but in-order to be different, enterprises should negate these factors and do things write from heart and generate positive energy from it. A positive energy which ultimately helps you to win more customers.

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