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Coming up: SmallBizPod’s Indian Entrepreneurship Special

In a couple of weeks from now, On Monday the 8th of October we’d have a special show on Alex Bellinger’s SmallBizPod show. This show would be an Indian Entrepreneurship special. SmallBizPod is UK’s first small business podcast and has served as a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs & start-up owners from across the globe. Alex Bellinger is UK’s most experienced practitioner in business-to-business public relations. Alex has been the host of 54 very special shows at SmallBizPod which include prominent names like Guy Kawasaki & Lord Billimoria to name a few.

To know more about SmallBizPod do check out my earlier post or visit SmallBizPod.

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VOIEE review

This week I’ll be reviewing an interesting web-application VOIEE logo called VOIEE by Genie Interactive Private Ltd.


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SmallBizPod – the small business podcast

Web2.0 Poll          

With the evolution and growth of Web2.0 Audio Podcasts are making a tremendous impact on internet community.

Gaining tremendous popularity amongst current podcasters is “Alex Bellinger”.

“Alex Bellinger is the founder and and owner of SmallBizPod” . SmallBizPod, started in the year 2005 in the UK with the idea of creating audio podcasts about successful business stories from “Small Business Owners in the UK”.                                                          Alex Bellinger

SmallBizPod attracts visitors from across the globe. Listeners show keen interest to hear success stories, failure stories from enterpreneurs. SmallBizPod is focussed towards diverse areas spanning from Women in Internet to International trade, financing, factoring, human resources etc.

In the Indian context, Podcasting is a relatively new concept for an average Indian. Offlate, Audio podcasts have generated tremendous interest in the US and the UK .

Though with the increasing penetration of Internet in the Indian market.. we should expect podcasts to become quite popular very soon.

Alex on SmallBizPod


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