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Driving Traffic From Blog Comments

Today morning, I was listening to the Episode No. 292 of For Immediate Release Podcast and like any other episode this one is equally interesting 🙂 . Lots of interesting stuff is out there, so do check it out.

PR Evangelist Neville talks about one of the blog-posts on Darren Rowse’s blog which addresses the power of commenting on blogs. The blog-post talks about Caroline Middlebrook.

Caroline Middlebrook has done some analysis of her blog traffic/stats for the month of October and she’s got about 700 visitors just from blog comments.

The key is that its not just spamming the blog, but instead Caroline is contributing to the conversation by sharing her thoughts. So, it isn’t something like “Oh Yeah ! Great Work” or “Keep it Up, Great Work”. Another interesting thing as Darren points out is that Caroline doesn’t put blog link in her comment. Certainly, it is very cool for some one who has just started.

Caroline has also posted a summary of her monthly work schedule. What is it that consumes most of her time and how many hours does she spend on that?

The time spent on Blog-reading and commenting is really astounding. It dominates the entire work. The whole concept of networking with others and understand what others are talking about, educating yourself with other’s thoughts well that’s the core 🙂

I’d highly recommend reading Caroline’s post, not from the numbers perspective but primarily from the qualitative insights that she shares.


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Linkedin v/s Facebook – Professional up Against Social


Matt Dickman’s thoughtful post on Linkedin v/s Facebook raises a few questions.. As an individual how do you make the the differentiation between these two social networking platforms? Everybody knows and has been saying that Facebook is Personal and Linkedin is more Business users. Matt’s Twist to the entire concept is what happens when you

Essentially Matt asks three key questions:

How do you distinguish between the two?
Do you actually patrol the people you connect with?
Do you keep em separated?

I use both. Typically, my mind thinks of the terms “professional”, “corporate”, “official” and “business” when I login to Linkedin. Why? No particular reason in-fact it is just a user-tendency I’d say that we tend to be driven by what’s happening around. It is more in the mind set.

Facebook like the name suggests is my “Face” to the entire network. It is about what I do, what I like, my activities, hobbies and more. Interestingly the common subset is the “professional” flavor between Linkedin and Facebook. However, in case of Facebook it is more of fun filled approach.

Do I/Would I mind sharing my personal information/photographs with my professional contacts? My answer to that would be Yes and No. Understandably, it depends on the situation and the nature of relationship you have with a friend of yours who also happens to be a professional colleague.Assuming,if there is a friend with whom I share relationship at a professional level, I would let it be that way. “Maintain a thin line between your professional and personal relationships”. A phrase which I’ve learnt during my work-stint.

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