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Freshmonk: Ideal hub for your startup’s tees

Folks at our office were just sitting in one day, sipping a hot cup of coffee late in the evening when this thought of getting the T-shirt printed for our brand new startup hit our mind. Now wherever our team goes, they leave an impression about brand ‘TravHQ’ and it gives us an immense pleasure when everyone asks us all questions about our brand. It is always a great sight to watch yourself being recognised and stand out from rest of the world.

Freshmonk has given us that way to be unique. Apart from this, Freshmonk provides an ultimate fit and superb quality that makes it stand out of the rest!




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3 reasons why you should check out Greenrockstore

Greenrockstore is a new kid on the block offering custom merchandise, t-shirts and more! If you are a fan of games and TV shows such as Breaking Bad and Big Bang Theory then you must give these folks a try.

Here are 3 reasons why you must check them out:

1. Range of Colours – Love Green or Sky Blue? They’ve got a range of cool colours on offer beyond the usual ones like Red, Black etc.

2.  Customisation: If you don’t find what you are looking for, customise your t-shirts. Make one for yourself and choose your own colour, quote, where you want to place your logo and what not 🙂

3. Hoodies – This one is my personal favourite. They’ve got a bunch of hoodies  out on offer and with the winter setting in, it would be a good idea to pick a couple.

I was reading their founder Chetan Soni’s quote on and here is what he has to say about Greenrock:

Greenrock is an online merchandise venture started by Manas Chugh and me. We have  come up with an online merchandise store that caters to the breed of people who are ardent followers of a particular TV series or movies.

I am Sher Locked!

I am Sher Locked!


Goldamn mikshake.



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10 Reasons to Work for a Startup [#whyworkforstartup]

Like any typical evening, we’re busy working on our office desks. Suddenly @santoshpanda sparked of a bright initiative that led to exchange of some interesting thoughts. The channel was ‘Twitter’ and to participate you had to answer the reasons for working in a startup. The hashtag was rightly so #whyworkforstartup.

Here are ’10’ tweets captured from the minihashtag stream about this topic.

Want to discover other tweets? You can check the twitter #whyworkforstartup stream and share your bit too 🙂 Continue reading


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Building a People Centric Organization

Workplace Democracy

Workplace democracy is the application of democracy in all its forms (including voting systems, debates, democratic structuring, due process, adversarial process, systems of appeal, and so on) to the workplace. (via wikipedia)

One fine evening  my colleage Polo asked me something:

I also have a question. Why are you asking me about the working environment?? This office belongs to each one of us. So everyones’ comments count. And it should be an open democratic discussion.

The question was definitely good and very valid. Off-course she didn’t know that she wasn’t the only one. But, more than that question which was more of a curiosity, I was keen to find-out  the answer to a question that had triggered in my mind because of that.

How do you gauge the feedback of people in your young startup? What works best to gather the feedback of your PEOPLE in building a healthy work place? What provides a sense of comfort level to them? How do you push them from their normally boundaries of being mere EMPLOYEES to STAKEHOLDERS in a participative environment?

We are constantly advocating the People Centric Model in our work approach. While I understand that proponents claim that the new model of Organization Centric Alignment is far more effective, here is a thought why ‘People Centric’ still work strongly.

Coming back to our ‘People Centric Model’ and its implications in a team environment, this is what I visualized:

Our Feedback Model

Driving Team: The captain/s

Colleague: The team-members

You could follow one-to-one discussions between the members of driving team:

  1. One on one discussion between driving team members. A collection of experience and traits observed by them so far based on what they haved assessed and observed.
  2. Many-to-many discussions between colleagues/team: On several occassions, your colleagues have pep-talks about what could have been better or what could have been improved. These are off-the record conversations but certainly very crucial
  3. Feedback model: One to one (driving team to colleague). [Individual Democracy] The purpose of these discussions is to gauge an individual feedback. It is primarily based on what h/she has experienced as an individual.

    One to many (Driving Team to Colleagues) [Team Democracy]:
    We also conduct periodic open discussions between the entire team to gauge everyone’s feedback. These are cyclic discussions, where each and every individual states what he/she likes and dislikes.

Recapping our ‘Philosophy’. Our mantra is quite simple & straightforward and we don’t have a 40-page mission document 🙂

  1. Be honest to yourself, your team and to your stakeholders
  2. Respect your stakeholders and mutually build a feeling of trust and integrity for each others
  3. Never treat clients as money-vending machines, treat them as partners
  4. Take full responsibility of your work
  5. Never promise anything which you cannot deliver.
  6. In addition, never hide anything from your team
  7. Use the expertise of your network to create winning solutions
  8. Add the following words to your spam list: ‘Cheating’, ‘Un-ethical’ & ‘Hidden’.
  9. Lastly, treat work as a mashup of fun & seriousness.

Let me end this note with some powerful quotations on People-Centric Leadership by ‘Barry -Wehmiller’.

“We measure success by the way we touch the lives of people.”

We commit to a sustained leadership model that creates a culture where each of us returns home with a sense of fulfillment.

Are you running a democratic people-centric start-up? Would like to hear your thoughts?

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