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OMG ! I could delete an index in Microsoft word?

No, this post doesn’t fit the context of this blog and I know that 🙂

It isn’t about socially social media or the newest version of ‘Web’. But it is a useful tip, that all Market researchers who prepare research-reports and executive summaries are perhaps going to appreciate. Needless to mention, this post is focused towards advanced users of Microsoft word.

Problem – How to delete all index entries from a Microsoft word document [Don’t ask me why would somebody want to delete an index 😉 I am assuming the problem is already there !!]

What is an index? – Remember the search-index that you had at the back of your book in your hay-days ? The one that you could use to identify wherever your favorite keyword in the book was present.

Assumption – You have already created a word document with those countless index entires. Continue reading


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SMTP Settings in MediaWiki

MediaWikiImage via Wikipedia

A Wiki without an email feature is like a ‘car’ without ‘fuel’. For configuring the email functions in MediaWiki you need to ensure that the SMTP settings are right.

php.ini file

[mail function]
; For Win32 only.
SMTP = // your mail server ip address here
smtp_port = // your smtp port. Default port is 25

; For Win32 only.
sendmail_from = enter the email address from which you want to send admin emails Continue reading


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Recruiting Lessons from Google

How does Google manage to be different everytime 🙂 Their recruitment advertisement in today’s Times of India Ascent is another example that !

The world’s no.1 search-engine company has positioned itself as a startup in this job-advertisement.

The catch line says ‘Start-up company with manpower, funding an ideas seeks entrepreneur‘.

A thing or a two to learn for the modern-companies:

Comfort feel for your potential employees
Learn how to position yourself even if you aren’t a startup anymore. Provide a start-up comfort factor to your potential recruits. Talk about the open-culture, encouragement for entrepreneurship and things like that.

Startup tag works well
Jumping on the big company bandwagon is easy. Staying on with your current start-up tag is tough.

They say it works both ways. A company’s screening process includes relevant experience, educational background and similar parameters. OTOH, a candidate screens the right companies for his job. ‘Culture’ is a vital ingredient of his company-screening process.

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Applying the Johari Window to a s/w Product

Reading a wonderful piece on Johari Window at psychcentral made me think about its application to a s/w product.

With full respect to the author I do believe that the self of typical software beta can be compared with a human being’s self.

The Story

Public: A common set of features that are visible to both my market and myself.

e.g. – I am a project-management system. Everyone knows that I offer excellent flexibility in a collaborative environment and assist teams in priority assignment of tasks.

Hidden: Set of features which only I know but my market i.e. my target audience/prospective customers do not know.

e.g. – While I know that I can be integrated as a plugin to many IDEs not many in my market are aware of that.

Johari Window

Johari Window

Blind: Things which are known to my market but I am myself unaware of them.

e.g. – Cross-functional teams find me very easy to use. I am unaware of it because I belong to the other side of the coin. My market helps me discover these features.

Undiscovered: It is the zeal to achieve this. Set of attributes, properties, features which neither me or my market not. Hidden/unknown to everyone.

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Services & Tools for Bloggers

Ever since the philosophy of blogging has become popular a lot has happened in the blogosphere planet. There was a time when traditional bloggers used to rely on ms-word because of comfort factor and less exposure with web-based blogging clients. But not now, thats what these latest services appear to be saying 🙂

Zemanta & Tagaroo

Zemanta Logo

Zemanta Logo

I talked about Zemanta recently and I’m happy to say that I am really enjoying it. A quick-recap of Zemanta is that is a browser-plugin(firefox/ie) or blog-platform plugin which automates your taggging, hyperlinking, image and article embedding needs via semantic search. Continue reading


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Tech Gyaan: Changing Network Settings not a problem

This one is a great tip for all those marketing and sales guys on the move. If you have a laptop and you use it connect to your office and home network then shuffling between the network settings is a big pain. It has happened with me on several instances and I used to wonder if there was a solution to that.

I found this tip while browsing through Guneet’s Blog. However, I eventually ended up calling Guneet to gain full clarity on the post. Guneet was kind enough to explain the entire process. Continue reading

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