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Twitter India Goes Global

In another panel discussion on IndiaPostLive, I had recently shared my views on Twitter India’s strategy for the general elections. You can view the discussion here

Twitter is planning to transplant some of its strategies for the 2014 India elections to other countries that are going to the polls soon, including Brazil and the USA. The platform was extensively used by many politicians during the recent elections to communicate with the public. Participate in the conversation as we discuss whether Twitter and social media in general will become a permanent feature in the electioneering plans of parties in the future.

A panel discussion on Twitter India's Election Strategy at IndiaPostLive

A panel discussion on Twitter India’s Election Strategy at IndiaPostLive

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Indian Companies on Twitter – A Usage Study

We recently did a study to understand how the businesses in India are using twitter. For this study we profiled 66 companies from ‘9’ verticals and analysed them on different quantitative & qualitative parameters like no. of tweets, tweet type, conversation type.

Aaron from Money life has written an interesting news-piece featuring this study.

Quotes from the Money Life article

Iffort’s report states that usage of Twitter will penetrate more organisations, and more firms and customers will start using this social networking tool.Conversations between users and brands which are managed by humans with an emotional quotient will continue to boost Indian marketing efforts.

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Facebook vs Twitter (A Comparison)

With over 40,000 tweets per minute and new-user registration growth rate of 1500%, you would expect Twitter to give a close fight to the social networking giant Facebook.

I was just  testing uberVU, a paid social media analytics service for doing a comparison between Twitter & Facebook and the results that it shows are quite interesting to say the least. uberVU displays results as the number of reactions across different platforms where reactions mean the number of ‘comments’ or ‘shares’ about a particular topic.

Overall there are about 477k reactions for Facebook on all platforms whereas twitter has 541k reactions in total. Continue reading


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When will Indian businesses use twitter?

Yesterday, I was reading a thought-provoking piece by C.G. Lynch on ‘How and Why to Launch a Business Presence on Twitter’. The article highlights the companies that have enjoyed successful use of twitter. It instigates several questions in your mind. Which businesses are using twitter? What are they doing on twitter? Has twitter been successful for them? Have they added to twitter’s success?

If you dig a little deeper, I’m sure you will come across many industry verticals where businesses have been using twitter for a variety of purposes. The glitch is the news is coming in from the ‘outside world’ at the moment.

Out here in India, we are still compiling/questioning the names of businesses & business representatives who are using twitter. Not that we do not have successful case studies of organizations using twitter, but the bottom-line is that such instances are very few. Continue reading


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