Planning a Digital Campaign 101

Recently, I was invited by Small Enterprise Magazine to contribute my thoughts for the Digital Marketing Special edition. Click here to view the PDF of the May 2014 edition.

Here is a full text excerpt of the same article:

Planning an effective digital campaign is a vital cog in any marketer’s wheel. Every year we see innovative digital campaigns that steal the limelight & make it to the list of top campaigns. These campaigns boost the brand value and deliver unique experiences that create a long-term stakeholder impact. Continue reading

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Twitter India Goes Global

In another panel discussion on IndiaPostLive, I had recently shared my views on Twitter India’s strategy for the general elections. You can view the discussion here

Twitter is planning to transplant some of its strategies for the 2014 India elections to other countries that are going to the polls soon, including Brazil and the USA. The platform was extensively used by many politicians during the recent elections to communicate with the public. Participate in the conversation as we discuss whether Twitter and social media in general will become a permanent feature in the electioneering plans of parties in the future.

A panel discussion on Twitter India's Election Strategy at IndiaPostLive

A panel discussion on Twitter India’s Election Strategy at IndiaPostLive

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Twitter Goof-ups: Conversation at India Post Live

I was recently invited by, India’s first web-tv to share my thoughts on Twitter Goof-ups by celebrities in India.

BJP candidate from Amethi Smriti Irani tweeted that the SO was drunk, setting off a #SoDrunk trend on Twitter. We take a look at similar Twitter goof-ups.


Here is the link to watch the discussion


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Social Media Marketing For Health Insurance Industry

Health Insurance marketing has always been perceived as a challenging subject. The key players in the health insurance industry have been dealing with prominent issues such as consumer trust and category education. At Iffort, we have created a presentation which covers 5 Must Do’s for Health Insurance Players on social media to ensure trust, seek attention and create impact!

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Nude Audio Launches in India

Cross-posted from Tech & Travel Stories:

I think the days of listening music on CDs & USB devices are fast numbered as we all enjoying streaming music online these days. With the the need to power audio on mobile devices, the adoption of bluetooth speakers in India is rapidly rising with music listeners in the country, being split across two categories: “The Die-hard JBL Flip lovers” and the affluential ones who prefer “The Bose Sound Link Mini”. Bose is by far the best in the league and has little or no competition! However, it’s iconic status comes at a high cost which literally makes it out of reach of many.

In the under 10,000 price bracket JBL flip series has reached a cult status as it’s capable of generating extremely loud sound with a very good bass effect. The Flip has 2 variants, the original Flip and its successor JBL Flip II.

Nude Audio Move series, launched recently in India in collaboration with Brand Eyes Pvt. Ltd. is a smart option for music lovers who are also fashion conscious. The bluetooth speaker is selling through the retail outlets of Intersection stores in India and is available online for purchase on and Flipkart.

Looks can kill! I won't be surprise if people buy both brothers i.e. M & L together :)

Looks can kill! I won’t be surprised if you end up buying both the brothers i.e. M & L together :)

Nude Audio Move is available in two sizes Nude Audio Move M and Nude Audio Move L and as the name suggests both have different sizes fitting different purposes. I like to play loud music and the Nude Audio with its 2 drivers and a sub-woofer is capable of blowing a big room with its sound quality. Both the speakers are available in two colour choices, Mint & Coral with Nude Audio Move L priced at Rs. 6,399/- at an inaugural discount of 20% on Flipkart.

Nude Audio Move L can fit into a relatively large backpack but I don't think you would like to carry it everyday from home to office. It's apt for home usage.

Nude Audio Move L can fit into a relatively large backpack but I don’t think you would like to carry it everyday from home to office. It’s apt for home usage.

Nude Audio M & L Box packaging

Nude Audio Move M & L Box packaging

I won’t get into the tech-specs you can google and read that but a couple of things I really liked as a former JBL flip user are its battery back-up and USB connectivity. JBL Flip has a DC charger which is a convenience problem and has relatively small backup of 5 hours. Nude Audio Move on the other hand has an astounding 8-hour lithium ion battery which is huge. You could survive for long-time without the need to charge!!

With its supreme looks, sound output and killer price I think Nude Audio is one beast of a device. It’s large for sound output but compact for space. In my opinion it is a perfect replacement for your home audio system.

However, if you’re short on space and have a budget crunch, you can consider the smaller version i.e. The Nude Audio Move M series. It comes at a throw-away price of Rs. 3,279 on Flipkart. Now this is 1500 grand cheaper than JBL Flip and this means a lot for low budget consumers.

Nude Audio Move M is very very portable :)

Nude Audio Move M is very very portable :)

With it's sleek looks and fashionable cool quotient you won't mind adding this accessory :)

With it’s sleek looks and fashionable cool quotient you won’t mind adding this accessory :)

Nude Audio Move M

A nylon carrying cord makes the Bluetooth speaker both portable and versatile — hang it, clip it, toss it, lean it or lay it flat.

With it’s uber-cool looks, freedom of wireless music, competitive price and a unique name to remember, Nude Audio is here to put serious dents in the JBL flip market. I would say just go grab it, as these are dope speakers and you’d be obsessed with yours :)

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That Feeling of Winning!

Entry for Winning! #Conclave14 In an era, where the world has moved to 140 characters, I won’t use many lines to explain what Winning means to me and will make it short and simple :)

As an entrepreneur my feeling of winning comes from my everyday experience & interactions with the people around me!

When I see people in our organisation smiling and feeling happy about the culture we’re building at our workplace, I feel we’re winning and we’re moving forward.

When our client says, “Good Job” to our team, I feel that we’re winning together as one unit, as one Team.

When the trainee in organisation gives us a party for buying a new bike or our peon gives a party for his kiddo’s birthday, I feel that we are winning as human beings.

When our mentors talk about their learnings, share their experience and guide us that feeling of winning comes in as we know we’re not alone out there and have someone somewhere who is showing us the light.

When my parents tell me to continue with what I am doing, I feel I’ve won their trust and am winning as a son.

When my wife supports me for everyone decision that I make, forgives me for every mistake that I make, I feel that I am winning as a husband.

More than anything else, Winning for me is a feeling that comes from the happiness, happiness of soul, body and mind.


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Gadget Spotlight: JBL Flip, A little beauty

Let’s start 2014 on a musical note with one of the coolest bluetooth speakers – JBL Flip. It connects easily with your bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet or system and also plays music through the 3.5mm AUX input.

Don’t go by its size, the portable Flip packs a big punch with its loud and crystal clear sound. In the price bracket of 5,000+ INR it is one of the best portable mini bluetooth speakers around!

It has a “Call” button which means that you can use the Flip as a hands-free speaker for your phone calls. The Flip has an external AC charger and doesn’t come with an external USB charger which is not really a problem unless you don’t like carrying too many wires with you. You can listen to the music on JBL Flip in a horizontal position or by placing it vertically upright with the sound output depending on type of music you play.

The JBL Flip rests on its rubber support and packs a punch despite its small size

The JBL Flip rests on its rubber support and packs a punch despite its small size


As the name suggests you can Flip it to make it stand vertically upright.


The speaker easily works on battery for 4-5 hours and delivers sound through its two 5W drivers.

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