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Social Technographics Ladder

Authors of new book groundswell, Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff have talked about Forrester’s Social Technographics® where the consumers have been classified into six overlapping levels of participation. (Ref: Groundswell – Profile Tool)

The consumers have been assigned roles on the basis of what they do (their activities) in the web-space or more appropriately the ‘social space’.

Social Technographics

(Image Credits: Groundswell)

Creators: (रचनाकार) – Create content (by publishing a weblog or through a webpage)

Edit: 06/06/08 3:30 pm >> As Moksh points out creators can be classified into Basic creators and Advanced creators depending on the form of content they add-in. Whether it is pure text or a combination of text, images, video and audio. Thanks for your two cents Moksh.

Critics: (आलोचक) – Participate by giving their feedback through comments, collaborative editing (wiki) and contribution to forums.

Collectors: (कलेक्टर) Gather content through RSS and put tags to stuff like photos.

Joiners: (शामिल होने) – Present on various social networks

Edit: 06/06/08 3:30 pm >> I think the above category can also be referred by ‘Networkers’ or ‘Connectors’ which refers to those who like to connect via social networks.

Spectators: (दर्शक) Watchdogs, keep an eye on the stream of activities by reading blogs, listening to podcasts, watching videos..

Inactives: (असक्रिय) – Do not participate or observe.

For more insight on Social Technographics, go and grab your copy of groundswell now.

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