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The New Wall Street-Indian CIOs’ Success with Social Media Marketing

I was recently quoted in the CIO magazine’s article titled: The New Wall Street-Indian CIOs’ Success with Social Media Marketing.

Excerpts from the news-story

According to Daksh Sharma, director and co-founder of Iffort, a web-strategy and digital marketing consulting firm, “There are conversations happening about your brand whether you like it or not. You can use social media channels to churn out data, discover trends and align these with your business strategy. But first you need to clear out the noise.”

  • Social media marketing is not the new kid on the block; it’s a dragon on your porch, waiting for you to tame it.
  • Despite social media emerging as tomorrow’s most important marketplace, few IT leaders have made it a priority.

To read the news story please visit here.


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News: Our Facebook Research Featured in Hindustan Times

NOTE: Cross-posted from Iffort’s Blog

Hindustan Times has published a story today which features our recent research on Facebook fan pages in India. The newspaper cites our research in the article titled, “Traffic cops get Facebook facelift”.

Quotes from the story:

A study conducted by Iffort, an India-based strategy and social media consulting firm, which was released on Wednesday, declared Delhi Traffic Police and MTV India as the most active and popular brands respectively.

Iffort recently conducted a similar study on brands, using  Twitter, another popular social networking site.

Iffort Consulting selected and reviewed Facebook fan pages of 25 select brands from several industry verticals, including media, consumer durables and publishing for over a month.

We kept an eye on the posts of the brands for over a month and found average 13 wall posts from the administrator of Traffic Police in a day. This is really amazing,” said Daksh Sharma, director, Iffort.

To read the full-story please visit the online link on Hindustan times website. If you would like to read our study, you can download it here.


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A Study on How Business Entities in India are Using Facebook

Over the last few weeks/months our team had been working on a pilot study to understand the applications of Facebook pages by Indian businesses. Primarily these are entities which have a degree of recognition and have consumption in various forms.

Facebook in India

We reviewed the Facebook fan pages of ’25’ select brands from ‘7’ different industry verticals for over a one month period. These brands were profiled on various criteria to understand their efforts to build engagement with their target audience through Facebook.


In our initial assessment we identified 31 brands that were most visible and famous amongst Indian consumers in their respective industry verticals and monitored them for a period of one month. However, as we didn’t notice adequate engagement levels in 6 brands, we dropped them and narrowed down our list to 25 brands. We followed an observation method, wherein we regularly visited the fan page of these 25 brands on daily basis and reviewed them on various quantitative and qualitative parameters (like fan engagement, wall-posts, likes, administrator activity etc.)

Some of the findings of the study are:

Most popular Brand: MTV-India [522,112 Fans as measured on 28th July 2010]

Brand with the highest growth in terms of fans: MTV-India [3846 + Daily fan growth]

Most active brand: Delhi Traffic Police [12.8 wall posts by admin each day]

Most Discussed brand: MTV-India [2085+ Interactions each day]


The exercise reveals that organizations are successfully using several tactics like poll contests, interesting apps and videos amongst others to drive participation, which would result in word-of-mouth and better engagement with the brand.


Content Strategy for the Report

We thank, Anandan Pillai for his vital inputs and direction on organizing the content and preparing this report. He is a doctoral student (Marketing area) with Management Development Institute, Gurgaon. His research interests involve brand communities on social media, social media strategy and consumer behavior on virtual mediums. He can be reached at anandan1982@gmail.com or follow him on Twitter at @Anandan_Pillai.

Technology Partners

Special mention goes to our technology partners’ itemperance consulting. For more information about itemperance consulting, please visit www.itemperance.com or follow them on twitter at @itemperance.

Our Questionnaire Respondents

We thank the following teams for providing us vital inputs on their Facebook Fan page initiatives:

Pratham Books, Pagalguy.com and Su-Kam Power Systems.

Lastly the credit goes to entire team for pulling this one 🙂


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Facebook and India

Our team recently made a visual presentation which talks about ‘Facebook’ and its penetration in India. We have tried to cover some interesting insights via the presentation.

We hope you would like it 🙂 If you have any questions about the presentation or running a business and wanting to explore the potential of ‘Facebook’ feel free to get in touch with us. We would be glad to help.

Technology Partners: itemperance consulting

Image Credits: Eric Parker

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Facebook & India

This is a statistical post, which collates data from various blog-posts, press-releases and news sites. The objective is to analyze the usage trends for one of the biggest sites on the Internet – Facebook and world’s second most populous country – India.

India has always been a vital country for Facebook’s growth plans. 8 million Indians are connecting on Facebook with their friends, family, and other people they know, both within India and around the globe.

Last month Facebook had announced the opening of their India office in Hyderabad. The critical aspect is that when it comes to India, there is a lot being said about the phenomenal growth demonstrated by us as a nation. However, by and large there is dearth of qualitative data which can be used by decision makers in the long run.

Some pointers

  1. YOY Growth – No. of Facebook users in India have grown from 1,561,000 in March 2009 to 7,809,800 in March 2010 marking an astronomical 400% rise.
  2. Monthly GrowthFrom February 2010 to March 2010, Facebook witnessed an 11.9% growth in India. (Numbers up from 6,342,800 in February 2010 to 7,095,760 in March 2010).
  3. Drop in an Ocean: These numbers at a global level constitute 2% of Facebook’s entire user-base approximately. (India’s 8 million is 2% of Facebook’s global user-base of 400 million).
  4. Facebakers.com: Additionally, a website called Facebakers.com presents the number of users on Facebook in India as 8,702,700. This website claims to be updated daily and that is why the numbers are higher than Nick Burcher’s study. The break-up has been made as follows: Number of male users on Facebook in India: 5,889,740 and Number of female users on Facebook in India: 2,589,600.
  5. Male Domination: As the website puts it 69% males access Facebook in India and 31% females access Facebook. 47% users in the (18-24) age bracket accesss Facebook and 31% users in the (25-34) access Facebook.
  6. Interestingly, according to Facebakers.com Facebook’s overall penetration in India is 0.76 % and the overall online penetration in India is 10.74 %.
  7. Californication: Number of Facebook users in California are 13,531, 540 almost 5 million more than India’s 8,702,700
India Facebook Statistics Age Graph (via Facebakers.com)

What are the reasons that can be attributed towards Facebook’s phenomenal rise and Orkut’s epic fall? For how long do you think will this growth trend continue?

NOTE: This data has been referenced from various websites on the Internet and might not necessarily indicate the actual numbers.

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Facebook will surge ahead in India

I was just reading an interesting news-story, published in today’s edition of Economic times. It compares Facebook & Orkut in India. The story which quotes data from Vizisense.com, predicts that inside 7 months Facebook should be able to overtake Orkut.

There was a time, when Orkut was a dominating force in India. If you trackback to 2005-2006,  you hadn’t even heard about Facebook.

The article rightly compares the Orkut > Facebook transition to Hotmail > Gmail’s. Although it emphasizes Orkut’s rapid decline in India some of the comparison parameters are quite interesting:

Comparison table: Facebook & Orkut

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