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A used Band-Aid in Flight Meal: Whose Fault it is?

While travelling to Raipur yesterday morning in the Indigo Airlines flight (6E 453), my fellow co-passenger Mr. Kamlesh Vyas found a used band-aid in his breakfast meal. Apparently, he had ordered  a vegetarian UPMA meal. Mr. Vyas was very upset on a seeing a used band-aid and he showed the meal to his fellow passengers including me.


The air-hostess on her part apologised and offered to replace the meal but the damage had been done already. I had ordered a vegetarian manchow noodles but didn’t have the heart to eat it after this incident. So did Mr. Vyas who simply said no to the replacement offered by the flight hostess.

Infact, while returning from Raipur yesterday via 6E 454, I preferred to skip the meal this time and opted for relatively safer options: cashew-nuts and lemonade. You become a little skeptical when something happens with you/around you 🙂 Incidentally, Mr. Vyas was in the same-flight sitting right ahead of me again. I believe he opted for a soup this time.

He filed an official written compliment with testimonials from me and few other fellow co-passengers. We were asked to wait in the flight for few minutes as the flight captain wanted to have a word with us. I think they were doing their job nothing wrong about it. However, one of the ground-staff members  asked us to go as the aircraft had to be prepared for its next flight.

We went down with the ground-staff and requested him for a receipt of the complaint. He provided us with a Xerox of the complaint. We asked him about the escalation/solution and he mentioned that this will be routed to the central team. His answer was not definite and there was no clarity about the solution.

Some pics and open questions

  • How did the band-aid get into the meal in the 1st place?
  • Is it purely the Chennai vendor’s fault where the product is packaged. (The packaging box had the name of the company in Chennai).
  • In-flight staff are the last people to bear the brunt of the customers, but what can be done to curb such incidents? Are they trained to take care of such issues.
  • Is it that a lot that happens behind the scenes during packaging etc. which we as consumers do not know about?

The smart copy and branding 🙂 Unfortunately, it creates an opposite reaction when incidents like these happen.


The band-aid in question. Quietly sitting in the magical world famous UPMA.



The ground-staff at Raipur with the meal.


The batch number and packaging date of the product. Everything good about it.

Barring this one-off incident, my experience with the airline has been very good so far. I would continue to travel with them, no question about that. Absolutely nothing against the staff, but such incidents need to be fixed.

I am hoping that the airline finds out how this happened and sets up a robust system in place to ensure incidents like these can be avoided in future.


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