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Social Media Jobs in India

Who Moved My Job?
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Ever since the Web2.0 wave has caught up in India there has been a tremendous shift ! Shift in our thinking, our perception and the way we have looked towards internet & its capabilities. If you talk about an average business owner, he is looking very carefully at the dynamics of Web2.0 [conversations, community, culture, collaboration]. Irrespective of the domain he is trying to tap on its potential an learn from this medium.

However he knows that before making a leap and jumping into the pool, his brand needs an expert advice for creating a successful strategy.

For building a strategy you need helping hands, you need the ‘services’ of experts who can understand your needs to the core and guide you. This is where different schools of thought come-in.

The conservatives
As a business owner, I believe that I have an understanding of the Web 2.0 platform, I know what I need to do and where I need to go.I don’t think we need a specialist position or assistance from an agency/consultant for this.

The Street-smarts
I don’t think we have the in-house capabilities to drive our entire web2.0-strategy for us. I think it is best if we discuss our problems with an expert media agencies. The only compromise is in this case

The Futurists
I understand that I need to engage in healthy conversations for my brand and I think we need to hire chaps who can help us in doing just this. I might go in for one guy or a team of individuals depending on what my goals are. I don’t think agency will best serve our case as their perception will always be external. On the flip-side, if we have people are deeply engaged in our daily organizational activities they will certainly execute the plans in a much better way.

So which roles are these and what do these guys need to do? Lets have a look at some real job-descriptions from some Indian companies:

Social-media specialist [via Jobs India]

What does he do?

As a Social Media Specialist, you will be responsible for marketing and socialization of our client’s online content. Familiarity with the internet, social media sites, search engines, discussion boards, blogs, video sharing sites and pod casting is an asset but a willingness to learn is essential. You must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills in order to write and edit high quality content. A background in interactive marketing or public relations is considered a plus. The ability to find solutions in order to generate measurable results for clients is necessary as well as the generation of reports on those efforts.

Social-media marketing/campaign strategist [via Naukri.com]

– Conceptualize the innovative social media solutions to increase traffic to the web sites / portals
– Define strategy to improve end user involvement through Social Networks
– Define the avenues of revenue generation through increased and focused traffic
– Provide valuable insight and strategy for social media campaigns

Community Manager

I think this is one role that is evolving quite well. In bits-nd-pieces you will see some roles in the organization that are performing some actions from this role. Earlier this year, I had talked about the job-description and the need for Community manager at length.

Job-description [via a web portal]

  • Growing membership and site traffic
  • Designing and executing marketing initiatives
  • Working with members to make them successful
  • Finding members to contribute content to the communities
  • Contributing product ideas

Not to forget the traditional roles of SEO analysts and Online marketers.

What is your take on this? Please do share other roles that I did miss? In the Indian context do you think we’ll see more such roles in the future?

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Enterprise adoption of Web2.0 technologies

McKinsey has published a fantastic report on ‘Six ways to make Web2.0 work’.

Some of the points discussed in the report are very valid and a great learning resource for all organizations which are struggling to drive their ‘Web 2.0‘ initiatives. It is a must-read for the so called decision makers and tier – 1 executives in SMEs. As Steve Clayton correctly points out the report doesn’t mention ‘Twitter‘ until the end where McKinsey’s twitter id is shared for extension of conversation. But that seems to be the only aspect which has not been addressed.

Moving on, here is a small attempt to present my understanding of some of the points captured in the post. The focus is to compare the difference between traditional IT tools and Web 2.0 technologies:

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Indian startups need more Community Managers

Location of the Republic of India.
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A Google search for ‘Community Manager India’ and ‘Community Management Jobs India’ does not throw many surprises. What it means is that either Google isn’t tracking the developments about Community Managers or there isn’t too much happening in this space.

While attending these un-conferences & meet-ups, I bounce into many start-up founders who are passionately pitching their ‘brands’ to the community folks. In other words, they also double-up as community managers for their companies.

Sometimes I find it quite strange that majority of the Indian companies have been very slow to realize the potential of Community Managers. It could be possible for a variety of reasons: either the concept has been untested or Indian companies do not see much value in it. The traditional mindset always says that it is all about selling at the end-of-the day and everything else adds on to the costs. Continue reading


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Social Media Mercury rising up in India

Let me start of by wishing everybody a very ‘Happy New Year 2009’ ! I hope that this year brings great success and joy to all of us.

If I re-collect the recent developments, it is really fascinating to see so much happening on the ‘Social Media’ front in India. When we compare it with the same time last year, the ‘SM’ space seems to be so bright.

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My Dear Consultant – Think About It !

Confused office worker

Imagine the story of a confused guy from an enterprise. Some-one who isn’t a typical unaware customer anymore. Some-one who’s using the power of internet to get ground-insights about the stuff that he really wants.

A few weeks back…

I am a common man, a common small business-owner. I like exploring the developments that are happening around me. I like trying out things that fit the needs of my business and actually provide value to my unit.

One day..

With dreams of making it big and hopes of benefitting from the ‘web-wave’ I thought of approaching a top-notch consultant one day.


Poor me, why am I being taken for a ride by my so called ‘niche’ consulting firm? What wrong did I do? Was my research in-adequate? Or was I over-expectant? Oh no, perhaps they never understood what I wanted to achieve. Or perhaps, the set of tools, tactics and methodologies are so powerful that I’d be a fool if I do not follow them.

His Thoughts..

My consultant is so convinced that:

  • I should be present on social-network.
  • I should use a micro-blog like ‘Twitter’.
  • I should write a blog
  • I should ‘Ajaxify’ my current website
  • I should jump into the conversation
  • I should use a Wiki for enterprise-collaboration

And do what not & what not…


‘But Why? ’ That’s the simple question that I have been asking everybody. Why should I do it?

My company is following the open-culture of communication. Why do I need the barrier of technology to talk via a Wiki when I can do that in person? Is there are any social-network that serves my focused interests?

The Reason

Something which he hasn’t been able to tell convincingly. I like exploring things deep-down. With tight-budgets I believe that there should be a strong reason for adoption of any new trend. Just because everyone is doing it therefore I should also do it is a rubbish reason for me.

What do you say my friend? I know you’re a busy man ! Perhaps, if you get sometime you should think about it. I know you’re telling the whole world about flexibility of web2.0, social-media and things like that. But the fact is I’ve become a little wiser too. I have also learnt a thing or a two from the traits.

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