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Basics of Search engine optimization (SEO)

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The fact that still a bulk of the audience use the INTERNET primarily to search for information, gives a fair idea about about the prominence of search engines.

I thought it would be good to take a re-look at some of the very general tips on search engine optimization/search engine visibility for businesses. With the advances in Web 2.0 (social apps), the dynamics of search engines have changed a lot but in my opinion, the plain old fact that a lot of your customers are searching for you online, still remains the same. Today, the search engine optimization activity needs to be integrated very tightly with the overall goals of your business.

SEO Definition: SEO aka Search engine optimization is a set of activities which when executed correctly, help your website to rank better for specific keyword queries on search engines.

A broader set of activities are associated with SEO (Planning, Objectives, Strategy, Execution, Metrics), but just to get started, you can break-down an SEO project into smaller parts with further diversification at subsequent stages.


What do I want from SEO

For a lot of people search engine optimization is nothing more than getting into the top ’10’ rankings on Google.This is a classic case, because ‘Rankings’ are just a part of  SEO and scaling up can be very hard for a new business during the initial stages. So before jumping on and saying, I want more traffic & higher rankings qualify your goals and try to be as clear as possible.

e.g. of a goal – I want to increase my sales leads through web-traffic. If you’re very specific, further classification would mean I want to increase my sales leads by 20% in the next 4 months.

With this as an input, you can now plan your search engine optimization activities in the appropriate direction. Continue reading


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Recruiting Lessons from Google

How does Google manage to be different everytime 🙂 Their recruitment advertisement in today’s Times of India Ascent is another example that !

The world’s no.1 search-engine company has positioned itself as a startup in this job-advertisement.

The catch line says ‘Start-up company with manpower, funding an ideas seeks entrepreneur‘.

A thing or a two to learn for the modern-companies:

Comfort feel for your potential employees
Learn how to position yourself even if you aren’t a startup anymore. Provide a start-up comfort factor to your potential recruits. Talk about the open-culture, encouragement for entrepreneurship and things like that.

Startup tag works well
Jumping on the big company bandwagon is easy. Staying on with your current start-up tag is tough.

They say it works both ways. A company’s screening process includes relevant experience, educational background and similar parameters. OTOH, a candidate screens the right companies for his job. ‘Culture’ is a vital ingredient of his company-screening process.

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Zemanta: A blessing in disguise for bloggers?

We’re all aware of the relevance of meaningful tags & hyperlinks that need to be inserted in a blog-post. While writing a blog-post a bloggers needs to spend time & effort thinking about appropriate tags which would make it easy for other bloggers to locate the blog-post.

A powerful plugin from Zemanta enables bloggers to focus on ‘writing’ while it takes care of their hyperlinking, images and tagging needs. Continue reading


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