Bacha Party Wishes You a Happy 2011

Today is the first day of a new year, first day of a new decade and marks the beginning of a new initiative. It is called “Bacha Party”. Bacha Party is a little initiative to start a social media movement for driving the eventual goal of organizing small parties for the street kids of India.

Parties? Yes, Parties 🙂 Anything which makes the kids happy and enjoy, so it could be a trip to the ZOO, a classroom session which teaches them the basics of English language or even a coffee outing at CCD!!

To mark the beginning of this new dawn, here’s a special greeting message from the Bachas on Facebook.

Bacha Party

How to Join Bachaparty?

Are you a “socialmediazen” and interested to join “Bacha Party” gang? Here is what you need to do:

  1. Make an update on either twitter/facebook on 11th of every month at 11am, and express your thoughts/ideas about the Bachaparty cause.
  2. Join us on and to voice your opinion/ express your support 🙂

Bachaparty looks forward to meeting you in 2011. If you’ve any ideas which you would like to share with us please write to us at


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3 responses to “Bacha Party Wishes You a Happy 2011

  1. Hope your endeavors with children will never stop and continue to have many and bigger supporters. It is really good to serve and at least earn a living at the same time. Good luck!
    Sherman Unkefer

  2. Excellent initiative, such activities should be encouraged by all organizations in India. Professionally, everybody is doing work but there are only few which work for the cause of children.

    Keep up the good work on and on !!

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