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Smartphone Sales in India Q3 2011

Monday’s Economic Times brings an interesting piece of statistic in its news story Nokia Bets on Lumia Regain Market Share. The graphic in the story talks about the market share of different players in the Indian smartphone landscape and how things have changed from Q3 of 2010 to Q3 of 2011.

Certainly worth a look with the fortunes of likes of Nokia, Samsung and RIM swinging in opposite directions :)

Since the data is latest and from a credible source, I thought of sharing the info with you all.


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Last week saw an all-time low. I am still recovering from the shock, but have finally gathered some courage to tell ya about the sad demise of my dear friend Rana who passed away last week in a road accident. Rana and I shared fantastic understanding on the professional and personal front. But all that’s over bcoz of one devastating accident which took Rana away from us.

Above pic shows the RAD force (Rapid – Rana, Application – Ananda, Development – Daksh)


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Cab Drivers as Word-of-Mouth Marketers?

Imagine the cabbies playing the dual role of a ‘driver’ and a ‘product-marketer’. Recently, I had read in a blog-post that the company that sells ads on the outside of cars in London would now secretly pay money to the car drivers for product marketing. 

Questions are already being raised about ethics, integrity, merit and even possible spam. Rather than criticizing the move, lets try to look at it from an Indian perspective and see if we can draw some merits out of this.

  • In Delhi the move could be implemented in the ‘Autos’ and ‘DTC Buses’.
  • The drivers would act as ‘customer evangelists’ by sharing their experience of products they’ve used. This could be absolutely anything under the sun as long as the driver has used it or is planning to use it. It could range from a tooth-brush to television.
  • Several advertisements of different portals like ‘’, ‘‘ can be seen on Delhi’s Autos.
  • I think it would make some sense if the drivers can understand the purpose of these websites like mapmyindia, routeguru and even by helping the travellers to connect their real needs with these city-centric portals.

Coming back to the news story, at this stage all one can say is that it looks interesting. Perhaps the companies should portray drivers as ‘Customer Evangelists’ instead of Spammers ;)

Image Credits – Via To browse the page with this image please visit this link


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Dr. Ralf Klamma’s Blog: beamtenherrschaft

Although I know Dr. Ralf Klamma through an Indian knowledge-exchange forum, it was only now that I got in touch with him directly through email exchange.

I am thankful to Dr. Ralf Klamma for mentioning me in his blog.

He has been maintaining an interesting research blog about information systems, technology enhanced learning, social software, communities of practice, web 2.0 and more. 

Dr. Ralf has some insightful posts centered around Web2.0 and Knowledge Management. One that I really like was on “Web2.0 companies out of Business”. Dr. Ralf has talked about the closure of PodTech, Yahoo 360 and Judy’s Book.

Couple of other blogs to watch out for :Mitko Denev’s Trends in the Web and Seb’s Tec-Bites .

More this week..

Don’t forget to listen to Jeremiah Owyang’s budget allocation for Web Strategy in 2008 here .


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Inspirational Words of Wisdom

Enjoy these thought provoking articles by design strategist, smartsourcing guru & thought leader Sunil Malhotra.

HT Artice IT is dead! Long live IT!

  • IT is dead, long live IT! (Hindustan Times, Friday September 21 2007)

Is India’s IT revolution just about cheap labour and repetitive coding? Is there a need for innovation and business orientation? click here to read more

  • What do I care what my client thinks?

“Knowledge tells you that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom tells you not to put it in the fruit salad!” click here to read more

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Coming up: SmallBizPod’s Indian Entrepreneurship Special

In a couple of weeks from now, On Monday the 8th of October we’d have a special show on Alex Bellinger’s SmallBizPod show. This show would be an Indian Entrepreneurship special. SmallBizPod is UK’s first small business podcast and has served as a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs & start-up owners from across the globe. Alex Bellinger is UK’s most experienced practitioner in business-to-business public relations. Alex has been the host of 54 very special shows at SmallBizPod which include prominent names like Guy Kawasaki & Lord Billimoria to name a few.

To know more about SmallBizPod do check out my earlier post or visit SmallBizPod.

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