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Social Media Mercury rising up in India

Let me start of by wishing everybody a very ‘Happy New Year 2009’ ! I hope that this year brings great success and joy to all of us.

If I re-collect the recent developments, it is really fascinating to see so much happening on the ‘Social Media’ front in India. When we compare it with the same time last year, the ‘SM’ space seems to be so bright.

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After Hiatus, Social Media Predictions & 2009

Jump on the social media bandwagon
Image by Matt Hamm via Flickr

Phew.. so much has happened while I was away ! Even the WordPress interface looks so different 😉

At first, I am glad to be back to the blogging world. My last post about Barcamp Delhi, was some months ago. Not that I’ve lost passion for blogging, I was a little occupied on both fronts.

In addition, I’ve started using the microblogging utility ‘Twitter‘ a little bit more. Having said that, the blog [on wordpress or self-hosted version ] will remain and so will the usage of micro-blogging utility. May be someday, I would like to evangelize with my thoughts on the difference between the purpose of twitter & blog, provided I am able to add value to the already existing conversations on this topic. Continue reading


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