After Hiatus, Social Media Predictions & 2009

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Phew.. so much has happened while I was away ! Even the WordPress interface looks so different 😉

At first, I am glad to be back to the blogging world. My last post about Barcamp Delhi, was some months ago. Not that I’ve lost passion for blogging, I was a little occupied on both fronts.

In addition, I’ve started using the microblogging utility ‘Twitter‘ a little bit more. Having said that, the blog [on wordpress or self-hosted version ] will remain and so will the usage of micro-blogging utility. May be someday, I would like to evangelize with my thoughts on the difference between the purpose of twitter & blog, provided I am able to add value to the already existing conversations on this topic.

Secondly, with the year coming to an end, I see several of my friends giving their predictions on my favorite topic of ‘Social Media’. Some of them are on social-media at a global level, some of them are in India‘s context but all of them are very very interesting.

Let me share, some unique ones that I did observe.

Entrepreneurship graph will rise in 2009

This one is from my friend Nimesh on Windchimes corporate blog – ‘Social Media Predictions for 2009’

More entrepreneurs in the coming year? For sure, people seem to have developed that extra layer of confidence. Blogs, social-networks, communities etc. allow them to network like never before. Few years back we could never imagine about such things. Fresh grads, corp. executives [fed up with their day jobs] will not be worried much about the networking aspect.

Read more on Windchimes Blog

Loksabha elections 2.0 & SMO

Another buddy, Gaurav has a terrific post on his Social Media visualizations for India in 2009. Amongst the seven points, the ones that caught my eye were increased usage of socialmedia in Loksabha elections and India’s rise as a SMO (Social Media Outsourcing) destination.

We’ll see political party specific social-networks, twitter profiles of more and more leaders, blogs.. I think social-media is something that the political leaders just cannot afford to miss.

Read Gaurav’s ‘Top 7 Social Media predictions for 2009’.

Compilation of Global predictions by Peter Kim

At the global stage, many industry thought leaders have made predictions for 2009, a compilation of which has been prepared by Peter Kim.

Lastly, I would like to wish all of you ‘Merry Christmas‘ and Happy New Year 2009 in advance.

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3 responses to “After Hiatus, Social Media Predictions & 2009

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  2. Thanks for the link buddy. Hope you had good time reading them. Which one out of the 10 are you most in sync with?


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