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Bloggers & Writers – What Keeps You Going?


Ok folks! Here’s a question for all of you 🙂

Why do you guys blog? To expand the focus of this question I’d also encourage comments from those of you who do not blog but have written something via a particular medium which could be a research paper, a journal or elsewhere. It would be great if you can share, what goes on in your mind while you’re trying to write a particular piece.

I remember speaking to a journalist from a leading business magazine some-time back who was really passionate about a story he had to cover. I could see the fire in his eyes. I could sense it. I think that the journalist showed traits of both a blogger and a writer. Coz’ he wanted to get the message across to his audience. His inherent characteristic is to ensure that his language is upto the mark.

Talking about myself, I am nobody when it comes to ‘writing’. I’ve been criticized many a time for my writing skills but still I keep blogging. Do you know why? Simple, coz’ I am trying to build ‘expression’ skills. I am really not careful about the blunders that I tend to make as a writer (apologies to writer friends). I just want to convey the message and I think it is fantastic if I can convey with clarity as simple as that 🙂

To answer my own question – As long as there’s something to be expressed I’m going on and on.. when it ends I’d stop 🙂 What is your case guys?


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The Great Indian Blogosphere – I

The Great Indian blogosphere has blogs of all types,shapes & sizes(transition to commodities?) catering to different segments and audiences. Among these blogs there’re many blogs just for the heck of it and among these there are blogs having a specific purpose, which people like me and you visit everyday .We visit them everyday,as they are trying to communicate a strong message to the society. These blogs provide us real value by educating us with their learnings, experiences and thoughts. Individuals & Enterprises should look towards these blogs as they’re going to be the torch-bearers of the Indian blogosphere in the future.

My favorite five blogs are: (I know some of them personally, they’re great bloggers and humble human souls.)

Balaji Sowmyanarayanan
Its a blog about Innovation, its power, humour, equity( as in – every thing for every one), inspiration by example/thought leadership, and spirituality.Focussed in/around software and outsourcing this blog is a must read.

“Sheer quality of content” separates this blog from similar blogs in this category. This blog makes you think, from a marketer’s/customer’s perspective. It’s a collaborative blog now and other team members are contributing more thought-provoking posts. For all Indian PR or marketing communication professionals this blog deserves a place in blogroll by default. Continue reading


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And you thought you didn’t know Web two dot ooh!!

1000 different minds talking 1000 different things about Web 2.0. And these guys are just one of them

Following is a transcript of conversation between two desi nerds – “I” & “He” – who talk about a revolutionary concept that is redefining the way people use internet.

I: “How often you use “LinkedIn, Google Docs, Flickr, YouTube, Orkut and other such web-applications?”

He: “Um… not much except LinkedIn! Primarily for business networking. And what do you mean by other such web-applications?”

I: “Well actually, the services I mentioned above are typical examples of a revolutionary concept which has changed the way people use internet.”

He: “Really? And what the heck is this concept?”

I: “In simple words this term called as “Web2.0” means something kind of new is happening on the Internet. It involves ‘people creating’ and ‘sharing’ stuff online. It’s a trend, a phenomenon which enables faster collaboration and networking between business and technology users and everyone using internet”. “You said, you’re not aware of Web2.0, but everyday you do use it for e.g. LinkedIn.”

He: “Interesting man! This means I actually use services essentially centered on Web2.0.” Continue reading


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PRwave Romania

I was recently invited by Loredana, to contribute to PRwave – Romania’s leading Public PRwave Relations website. I’m not a professional writer but it’s been a fantastic experience to be associated with a leading PR site.

The article is a small attempt to enlighten non-techies about RSS and its benefits. The website is in Romanian language but there’s an English transcript too.

Click to read the article

Thankyou Loredana and the PRwaveteam !

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Kool Apps & Services worth a go

Making PC webcams a thing of past


A product from Bangalore based mobile startup “Motvik”, WWIGO stands for “ Webcam wherever I go”. WWIGO allows camera phone to be used as wireless webcam through bluetooth. Currently, it supports only N Series and other Nokia phones. The transmission quality with WWIGO is at par with a home webcam and it can be used with Skype, MSN, Yahoo IM & Video sharing websites. Definitely worth checking out..

Go beyond Google


A search engine with a human touch as it provides the features of collaborative searching. Users have the flexibility to edit the search results and save them according to their preferences. Thus next time users search for similar queries they’d see humanized results…. the advantage being user powered search results.

Personalize your Reading experience

i-Fetch – Information Fetcher

A popular & handy desktop RSS reader by my kool company, you would simply love to have. i-Fetch, a powerful RSS Reader & Aggregator scores over other desktop feed readers as its a free utility and provides offline reading which is missing in online readers . An easy to use compact application well equipped to handle individual’s reading needs effectively.
Download i-Fetch


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Mobile Monday Delhi 3

Mobile Monday’s Delhi Chapter aims to bring together mobileMoMoDelhi enthusiasts, developers, technologists, business folks, entrepreneurs, VCs under a common forum.

For details and registration visit

26th May 2007
Time & Schedule: TBD


Adobe India Ltd,
Adobe Towers,
I-1A, City Centre, Sector: 25A
Phone: +91.120.2444711                                                              See you there.

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