Bloggers & Writers – What Keeps You Going?


Ok folks! Here’s a question for all of you 🙂

Why do you guys blog? To expand the focus of this question I’d also encourage comments from those of you who do not blog but have written something via a particular medium which could be a research paper, a journal or elsewhere. It would be great if you can share, what goes on in your mind while you’re trying to write a particular piece.

I remember speaking to a journalist from a leading business magazine some-time back who was really passionate about a story he had to cover. I could see the fire in his eyes. I could sense it. I think that the journalist showed traits of both a blogger and a writer. Coz’ he wanted to get the message across to his audience. His inherent characteristic is to ensure that his language is upto the mark.

Talking about myself, I am nobody when it comes to ‘writing’. I’ve been criticized many a time for my writing skills but still I keep blogging. Do you know why? Simple, coz’ I am trying to build ‘expression’ skills. I am really not careful about the blunders that I tend to make as a writer (apologies to writer friends). I just want to convey the message and I think it is fantastic if I can convey with clarity as simple as that 🙂

To answer my own question – As long as there’s something to be expressed I’m going on and on.. when it ends I’d stop 🙂 What is your case guys?


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4 responses to “Bloggers & Writers – What Keeps You Going?

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  2. HI Daksh,

    The gap exists in the information consumers have before they go out to shop, the gap exists in the kind of information they get when they are shopping and the trade practises. The users are probably very aware of the latest trends and fads but I take an insiders approach to understanding this facet of shopping.

    If you take a look at my blog you would realize not a lot of people have any comments. I could attribute that to a couple of things:

    1) My Blog is not popular enough to attract lot more traffic yet.

    2) I dont write compelling, relevant stuff. Which I think is partly true as I know there a few regular visitors who keep coming to see whats new. And partly because I am more enthusiastic about sharing than knowing how to write it best.

    3) For the audience of young adults (who are the mainstay of indian internet scene) I am not surprised at the lack of conversations either. Visitors just dont know enough about jewellery so probably every bit of content is info to them.

  3. daksh

    How do you bridge that gap Aditya? How’s your experience been when it comes to driving conversations around the topic you blog?

  4. THere is a huge gap in the knowledge available related to what I blog (jewellery) and the size of the industry. Also I realize the effectiveness, currentness and conversational nature of the medium.

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