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Basics of Planning a Digital Marketing Campaign

I was recently asked by the ‘Small Enterprise’ magazine to contribute the ‘Digital Marketing’ special edition. I contributed this piece on the ‘Basics of Planning a Digital Marketing Campaign’.


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Planning a Digital Campaign 101

Recently, I was invited by Small Enterprise Magazine to contribute my thoughts for the Digital Marketing Special edition. Click here to view the PDF of the May 2014 edition.

Here is a full text excerpt of the same article:

Planning an effective digital campaign is a vital cog in any marketer’s wheel. Every year we see innovative digital campaigns that steal the limelight & make it to the list of top campaigns. These campaigns boost the brand value and deliver unique experiences that create a long-term stakeholder impact. Continue reading

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Criticising Social Media ?

Criticizing social media?

Are you doing so for any of the following reasons:

  • Because you think this is a buzzword which will eventually die-down
  • Because your mind tells tells you that there’s nothing to social media beyond twitter, blogs and Facebook
  • Because every second person you have seen on twitter claims to be a social media evangelist or a catalyst
  • Because you do not seem to understand the differences and similarities between digital media and social media
Image by Laughing Squid via Flickr
  • Because you are fed up of blog-posts talking about socialmedia ROI & budgets and don’t understand what is the ROI
  • Because you see brands jumping on social media bandwagon and you fail to understand what they’re gaining out of it
  • Because you witness endless talks about conversations, communities, content
  • Because you are trying to understand the meaning of terms of ‘social’ and ‘media’ and combined together
  • Because you discuss your problems with consultants and every time you talk to them there’s more confusion than ever before

Rather not do it as it is more a perception issue than anything else !!  Understand  Social Media as a Philosophy and its application as a Culture.

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Media Mentions :: Interview in LiveIT Feb’09

I have been quoted in this month’s article from Live IT magazine. The focus of the article is on transition from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0.

Please read the embed article below or view it online

Other Media Updates: Friend Nimesh from Windchimes has also been featured in a reputed Interactive UK Magazine DMI.  Click here to read the piece online [page no. 36]

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