Smartphone Sales in India Q3 2011

Monday’s Economic Times brings an interesting piece of statistic in its news story Nokia Bets on Lumia Regain Market Share. The graphic in the story talks about the market share of different players in the Indian smartphone landscape and how things have changed from Q3 of 2010 to Q3 of 2011.

Certainly worth a look with the fortunes of likes of Nokia, Samsung and RIM swinging in opposite directions 🙂

Since the data is latest and from a credible source, I thought of sharing the info with you all.


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7 responses to “Smartphone Sales in India Q3 2011

  1. hi please visit my and join the conversation on the development of modern India a vision of Rajiv Gandhi.

  2. interesting, amazing how fast Nokia share decreased. It would be nice to know statistics for 2012.

  3. hey liked the content and the information you shared above.

  4. What is the cost of this cell phone.

  5. Nupur

    Thanks… Much needed stats

  6. No wonder Apple is down there. With such high priced phones! And Nokia? yes India and Nokia connect well, but Samsung is going to surge forward!

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