Dr. Ralf Klamma’s Blog: beamtenherrschaft

Although I know Dr. Ralf Klamma through an Indian knowledge-exchange forum, it was only now that I got in touch with him directly through email exchange.

I am thankful to Dr. Ralf Klamma for mentioning me in his blog.

He has been maintaining an interesting research blog about information systems, technology enhanced learning, social software, communities of practice, web 2.0 and more. 

Dr. Ralf has some insightful posts centered around Web2.0 and Knowledge Management. One that I really like was on “Web2.0 companies out of Business”. Dr. Ralf has talked about the closure of PodTech, Yahoo 360 and Judy’s Book.

Couple of other blogs to watch out for :Mitko Denev’s Trends in the Web and Seb’s Tec-Bites .

More this week..

Don’t forget to listen to Jeremiah Owyang’s budget allocation for Web Strategy in 2008 here .


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2 responses to “Dr. Ralf Klamma’s Blog: beamtenherrschaft

  1. daksh

    Yep, from whatever I understand about him Dr. Ralf
    is an amazing personality. His work is really very inspiring.

  2. A pleasant surprise for me to see my name and my blog mentioned in your one :). Thanks a lot!

    I have worked together with Dr. Ralf Klamma, I learned a lot from him. Currently I have rss feeds from his blog and his del.icio.us account and it is really worth!

    The topics you discuss in your blog are very interesting for me.
    I’ll subscribe for the feeds and will include a link to it on my own blog.

    Best Regards,
    Dimitar Denev

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