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Social Media trumps Mass Media?

Have you seen Pepsi‘s newest ad which is a spoof on Akshay Kumar‘s coke advertisement? Yeah the same ad which picks up from Akshay Kumar left us in the Thumbs up commercial.

Pepsi has certainly marked the rise of a new dawn with its ‘Youngistan Campaign’ by releasing the advertisement on YouTube before it actually hit the mass media.

The ad was prepared before IPL and was ready for launch on the mass media platform. As IPL still had sometime, thats when the Pepsi decided to zero in on YouTube.

  • The concept behind Youngistan, the war b/w old and new was one of the reasons for selecting a new format. Youngistan is all about cool and young people and in India a heavy bunch of netizens are youngsters.
  • It has hit the target audience in no time and ad posting didn’t cost a penny.
  • The release has had a big time viral effect and is being reciprocated across multiple places.

Its a first for the Indian companies and definitely an example for others to follow. It would be too early to lookat the comparison statistics between the two different forms of media. However, if you’ve a product with internet penetration here’s one option for you to consider.

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